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18 Plus provides the opportunities, you choose to attend, 18 Plus is participation. The more you put in, the more you get out. You are not just joining s social group, but a whole new and exciting way of life.

The National Federation of 18 Plus Groups is a nation wide social / activities organisation for ages 18 - 35. It is non political & non religious in nature. All groups hold regular weekly meetings and are run by their own members for their members.

In 1998 North-West Area 18 Plus and Yorkshire Area 18 Plus amalgamated to create the new Northern Area 18 Plus.

The Yorkshire Region is part of Northern Area 18 Plus.

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Yorkshire Area 18 Plus links

18 Plus ANC 1988

Yorkshire Area 18 Plus Charity challenge 1997

Yorkshire T.V. Community Service Announcement

Leeds & Rothwell 18 Plus Conga 2001

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For more information about 18 Plus in the Northern Area write to:

National Federation of 18 Plus Groups
Church Street Chambers
8-10 Church Street
GL18 1PP

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