Lincs Quest

The Crows Nest Hotel
Balmoral Road
(off Davenport Drive)
DN35 9ND
Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday
8:30 p.m.

Lincs Quest

  • Lincs Quest is part of the National Federation of Plus Groups, a national activities based organisation for people over the age of 18. It offers members the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities , these include social events, holidays, sports, competitions and fund-raising events for charities.

  • Plus is not affiliated to any religious or political groups. The organisation has been in existance since 1941 when the first Plus Groups were formed.

  • Each Quest and Plus Group is run by it's own members with support from Area and National organisations.

  • Lincs Quest arranges events of a varied nature at weekends and on every first and third Wednesday of the Month, and often for other nights of the weekk too.

ADD SOMETHING to your life!
Come along - Bring a friend, you'll never regret it!

Grimsby Telegraph article:
"Quest for Fun!"

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Created by John A Smith
on Friday February 7th 2003