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The Plus E-Mail Discussion List
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Jarrett Smith The Plus Discussion List was set up in February 1999 by Jarrett Smith. Since then it has grown and grown, including one ex-Plusser from as far away as Brisbane, Australia.

If vou have access to e-mail then this development is worth trying out! Read on for more information.

Any topic of debate relevant to Plus is welcome, including the exchange of information and ideas. Use this forum as a means to keep in touch with distant Plussers, promote your events to the Discussion List or just say hello, see you at WASH, or whatever.

Plus is all about friendship, fun and personal development. It's a voluntary organisation, run by its members. In order to keep it open and functioning well, we need to keep in touch and be active within our Plus Groups, Areas and the Federation. The idea behind the Discussion L list is to encourage and develop this through communication and healthy debate.

To subscribe to the Plus Discussion List simply click this URL:-
Click to join the Plus Discussion List

There are a whole host of features available to subscribers of this Discussion List - from bookmarks through to calendars, surveys, archives, a shared files zone and a personal message facility.
Access the following:-

Don't miss out on access to valuable information that could be beneficial to your Plus Group. Play a part in the discussion that's shaping the new Federation. Be part of the next generation - get on line and join in the debate.

OneList JARRETT SMITH Midland Area Chairman (1999/2000) and List Owner/Moderator OneList

Extract from Plus News September 1999

Yahoo Groups Discussion List features

There are several features at Yahoo Groups available to subscribers, refer to your Yahoo Groups Home Page.

  1. LINKS, available through the LIST PAGE.
  2. The Plus FILES area is available to upload and download files for viewing via your Web Browser.
  3. MEMBERS, enables you to view the profiles of other community members.
  4. You can choose to receive POSTINGS via Normal e-mails, or Digest e-mails.
  5. Members can also opt to view messages "web only"
  6. Anyone who would like to refer back to past messages may do so by looking through the ARCHIVE OR DIGESTS accessed through the Members Centre or the following link -
  7. A calendar detailing all the main National and any prominent area events can be accessed through the LIST CENTRE or members can leave any dates they would like on the calendar for forwarding to the Discussion List.
  8. A SURVEY CENTRE exists.
  9. Anyone wishing to POST A MESSAGE DIRECT to the Plus Discussion List Web Site, can do so.
  10. There is a chat feature which can be used by contacting fellow members over the Discussion List and arraigning a CHAT SESSION.
  11. The DATABASE section is available for displaying a wide variety of date such as contact lists or Plus Products.

There are also facilities for promoting the Discussion List and via the files area posting photos.

Please tell others, members past, present and future of our existence - pass on the following subscription address - or link -

Please be POSITIVE in your discussion and uphold the good name of Plus.



Jarrett Smith
Owner/Moderator, Plus Discussion List

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This list is intended for communication of events, announcements, ideas and developments relating to Plus and members are requested to focus their E-mailS on these objectives.

Moderators Notes:

Subscribers should, note that members who persistently breach these rules of etiquette will be placed on moderated status or be banned from the list!

The Moderator reserves the right to moderate or ban users who seriously or persistently missuse the Plus Discussion Forum.

Points of Etiquette -

  1. Members sending in jokes or non-Plus related e-mail should include something in brackets in the header, i.e. (humour) or (information required) or (non Plus). Please note that this list is primarily concerned with development and a seperate list has been set up for jokes, chat and humour.
  2. Members should keep their postings relevant to everyone and not closed to one person or a small group.
  3. STRICT - Members must avoid personal attacks on fellow members of the National Federation of Plus Groups.
  4. Be constructive in messages and any criticism. Try and be positive towards your organisation.
  5. Members should encourage the enjoyment of being on the Discussion List and contributing to the debate.
  6. Avoid CHAT in the form of one or two sentence replies.
  7. Avoid replies containing more of the original message than necessary.
  8. Humour is an accepted element of this list but should not be at the expense of serious and constructive contributions. Members should avoid sending in humorous comments directly after a message asking for serious input.
  10. Members should assist in upholding these guidelines and help the Moderator/s and National Officers by upholding any requests sent

The above rules are provided for the benifit of all members, treating them lightly will only contribute to this list failing in it's objectives.

These guidelines are to be posted to members upon subscribing, made available on the Shared Files Zone and sent to the list periodically.

We all need to keep Plus alive and establish growth! If this list helps achieve that in any small way then it's worthwhile. Please help it assist its prime purpose and remain focusced.

Jarrett Smith, Plus Owner/ Moderator


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18 Plus
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The aim of this discussion list is to promote communication and debate on the development, management and future of the National Federation of Plus Groups.

We can only improve by open minded communication - the discussion of problems, ideas, solutions and experiences - which is the main theme of this list. It also provides members with the opportunity to forward promote events and generally stay in touch! INFORMATION IS POWER - BE INFORMED!

More information...

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The Midland Area Plus
E-Mail Discussion List
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Hi, This is a message to all those members from or associated with Midland Area 18 Plus, due to popular demand the Midland Area 18 Plus Mailing List has been launched on MSN. (MicroSoft Network), which has a wide range of interesting and innovative facilities.

Click here and sign up for your MSN Web Communities Passport if you haven't already got one.

Facilities include:

Home Page, Message Board, Mailing List, Photo Album (check it out), Recommendations (Your best - Books, Music, Videos, Links), Chat Room, Midland Area List Web Site).

This is meant to be a list for friends as well as constructive and positive debate, a list for socialising and keeping it touch, as much as debating the finer points of Area development and those issues which affect us all.

All those members who are in, have been part of, interested in joining or former members are invited to join -

........ so sign up for your MSN Web Communities Passport if you haven't already got one.


Best Wishes,
Jarrett Smith

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The Coventry Plus E-Mail Discussion List
Find Out More!

The Coventry Active Plus Forum promotes NON-POLITICAL communication within the Coventry Active Plus community.

Coventry Active Plus is part of the National Federation of 18 Plus Groups, Britain's only voluntary nationwide “Social & Activities Organisation” for young adults aged 18 to 35. Click here to Subscribe:


18 Plus
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The Plus FUN PLUS E-Mail List
Find Out More!

Hi, Now growing every day, Join Fun Plus for jokes, light chat and humor. Fun Plus, has no guidelines and that's where ALMOST anything can happen, chat and humor.

email subscription address:

Automatic Web Subscription Address:

Jarrett Smith

18 Plus
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The Plus FORUM Web Site
Find Out More!

The Plus Forum was launched in February 1999 with the aim of connecting people in 18 Plus across the country, to encourage and improve communication throughout the National Federation of Plus Groups. It provides a convenient means for members to keep in-touch, promote events, share information and debate new ways of improving their organisation.

The driving influence behind it was the desire to see Plus develop throughout the UK and improve communications between Members, Groups, Areas and National tiers. Above all there is a need for change within 18 Plus and there seemed to be many members who had good ideas and useful experience who were being ignored or simply left undiscovered.

The Plus Forum Web Site is set up to augment the main 18 Plus Forum and serve as a central point of reference for all those subscribed. It also serves to promote other Plus on-line Forums.

The 18 Plus E-mail Discussion List has grown constantly since its formation and represents one of our organisations biggest success stories.

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Visit the Plus Forum Web Site for more information.

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