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Yorkshire Area 18 Plus Charity challenge 1997

Lets raise £20,000 as an Area, and present a big cheque on the B.B.C. Children in Need television programme in 1997! That was the ambitious suggestion made by Steve Doggett of Bradford 18 Plus Group, and first raised generally at the Committee Social in December 1996. The 20th Anniversary of Yorkshire Area 18 Plus inspired the 20 in the £20,000 target.

Lots of fund-raising ideas, and events were suggested. Events open to the public as well as to 18 Plus members could be organised. A collecting tin was to be taken to all Area events in 1997.

Yorkshire Area 18 Plus organised Logo coin covering Charity Fund-raising days, (the "COIN COMPASS") at various Shoping Centres around the Area. A giant "Compass" logo was created, we then asked shoppers to cover this with coins to create a giant copper and silver 18 Plus logo.

Every penny counted, so even small scale fund-raising events that could be organised at short notice, such as the Mock Auction organised by Bradford 18 Plus Group added to the total.

Raising money for Charity creates all that is the best within 18 Plus - a wider, more diverse programme of fun events, helping the community, teamwork, being more outgoing. The Yorkshire Area 18 Plus Charity Challenge was a team effort, and we had fun organising, and taking part in the fund-raising events that were planned.

At the December 1996 A.E.C meeting, Area Activities Officer, Brian Martin said that perhaps targets set in previous years were too low, and therefore not ambitious enough, and maybe the idea of trying to raise £20,000.00 would catch people's imaginations.

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Charity Fund-raising Totals

The 1997 B.B.C. Children in Need day was November 21st, and one of the aims of the Yorkshire Area 18 Plus Children in Need Appeal was to raise as much money as possible to present a big cheque on T.V.

A calculation of how much we raised:

"Coin Compass"

£80.00 - Hull
£106.00 - Wakefield
£130.00 - Harrogate
£220.00 - Doncaster
£24.00 - Huddersfield


£30.00 - Mock Auction
£80.00 - Three Peaks Walk
£90.00 - Sponsored Cycle Ride to AMMO
£90.00 - Shave at AMMO
£20.00 - Slave Auction
£80.00 - Sponsored Cycle Ride to TAG
£400.00 - "Pudsey's going home" sponsored walk"


£1,350.00 - Grand total

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Coin Compass 1997 was the 20th Anniversary of Yorkshire Area 18 Plus, and as you know we set ourselves the aim of raising £20,000 for the 1997 B.B.C. Children in Need Appeal to commemorate the ocassion.

The Yorkshire Area 18 Plus Publicity Action Group, (P.A.G.), organised a series of 18 Plus Logo coin covering Charity Fund-raising events, (as described below), in Shopping Centres throughout the Area, thanks to Judy Horsburgh for arranging the venues. Huddersfield 18 Plus Group also held a "Coin Compass" event at the 150th Anniversary Gala-Day for the Huddersfield Railway Station.

What is our Charity Fundraising event?

A giant 18 Plus logo was created, members, (some in fancy dress), then asked shoppers to cover this with coins to create a giant copper and silver 18 Plus logo. All proceeds were then put into a Bank Account, (along with all the money raised by Groups), and this then was donated to the 1997 B.B.C. Children in Need Appeal, on T.V.

The Shopping Centres asked us to be in smart dress for the events, (18 Plus T-Shirts, and Fancy Dress were acceptable). As you can see from the photograph, we hired a Pudsey Bear costume for each event.

Venues, and dates

March 8th - Princess Quay, Hull

The Hull "Coin Compass" event took place at Princess Quay, Hull on March 8th, members from Leeds, and Bradford 18 Plus Groups volunteered to help on the day. The Fancy Dress theme was the Circus. A Ring Master, and a Lion collected £80.00 from shoppers.

John A Smith, the Yorkshire Area 18 Plus Publicity & Development Officer was interviewed on B.B.C. Radion Humberside about the event, and a photographer from the local newspaper took a picture of Mick King and John A Smith in Fancy Dress.

April 12 - The Ridings, Wakefield

On Saturday April 12th we were at the Ridings Shopping Centre in Wakefield for the second "Coin Compass." event.

Members from Rothwell 18 Plus took advantage of the event to hand out leaflets to Publicise their 18 Plus Group, and donated a box of Children in Need badges for sale at 50 Pence each.

Leeds, and Doncaster 18 Plus members, including National Publicity Officer Judy Horsburgh also attended and raised £106.00.

May 24. - Victoria Gardens, Harrogate

The "Coin Compass" at Harrogate raised £131.00, thanks to the Leeds, Bradford, and Doncaster 18 Plus members who helped.

Joly 26 - The Frenchgate Centre, Doncaster

Doncaster 18 Plus kindly agreed to set up in the morning, and to sponsor the event for the cost of the "Pudsey Bear" Fancy Dress hire.

The event raised £220.00, thanks to all members from Doncaster, Leeds, Bradford, and Rothwell 18 Plus Groups who helped on the day.

Doncaster 18 Plus made good use of the event for Publicity, they had a display, handed out leaflets, and arranged for a photographer from the local newspaper yto attend.

August 23 - St George's Square, Huddersfield

Huddersfield Station The Huddersfield "Coin Compass" event took place at the Huddersfield Railway Station's 150th Anniversary Gala-day on Saturday 23rd of August.

Darren Baker,(Huddersfield 18 Plus Treasurer), and Liz Sutcliffe, (Leeds 18 Plus Chair), both of Leeds 18 Plus Group, volunteered to take on the running of this event, the help on the day from those Leeds and Bradford 18 Plus members who also volunteered to help was appreciated. Unfortunately only £24.00 was raised due to the poor weather.

Leeds 18 Plus Group have supported all the "Coin Compass" events, and organised their own fund-raising events - thanks to them.

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3 Peaks Doncaster 18 Plus Chairman Andy Goddard organised a sponsored "Three Peaks of Yorkshire" walk on May 17th which was open to any member.

Three members arrived on Friday May 16th, (Andy and Michelle from Doncaster 18 Plus, and John from Huddersfield 18 Plus), Tents were pitched, and then off to the local Pub for a drink. Andy and Michelle decided to play a game of "Pigs", a game where you have a handful of toy pigs which you shake and drop on the table, points are gained depending on how the pigs land.

In the morning Judy Horsborough, (also of Doncaster 18 Plus), arrived to act as motorised backup. Andy, and Michelle, did the first two peaks and were collected by Judy. John of Huddersfield 18 Plus completed all three peaks, he was met about a mile from the end of the hike by Bradford 18 Plus member Phil Bettis who joined John back to the Three Peaks Cafe.

On completion of the walk, it was into the showers, and then down to the local Pub for a celebration meal supported by Huddersfield, Doncaster Bradford and Leeds 18 Plus members who had arrived specially for the occasion.

Carol of Bradford 18 Plus Group completed the walk on the Sunday.

A total of £80.00 was raised by this event.

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244.14 mile cycle ride

Mick King of Leeds 18 Plus Group completed a 244.14 mile cycle ride to raise money for the Yorkshire Area 18 Plus Children in Need Appeal.

Mick King departed on Wednesday July 2nd at 12:30 p.m. from The Nelson Inn, Armley Road, Leeds to cycle 244 miles to Mersea Island in Essex He arrived at Lincoln Youth Hostel that evening, and the following day he cycled to the Kings Lynn Youth Hostel. On Friday July 4th Mick cycled the final leg of his cycle ride from Kings Lynn to Mersea Island, arriving at approximately 4:45 p.m.

Shave Why Mersea Island? - Over the weekend of 4 July to 7 July teams of 18 Plus members from all over the country converged on the Mersea Island Youth Camp to compete in the Annual Mad Mini Olympics (AMMO) a series of "It's a knockout" type games. Leeds 18 Plus Group entered a team in the games Darren Baker, Philip Whitehorn, Liz Sutcliffe, Elaine Coatsworth, and Mick King.

Mick had grown his hair and beard long for this event, he planed to raise more money by having his head and beard shaved at the evening entertainment at AMMO. A sum of £90.00 was raised as members payed to take turns with the electric shaver.

Here is a picture of Mick having his beard shaved by Adam Redshaw, Central Area 18 Plus Chairman. As you can see, Adam was also shaved that evening, for the Charles Padgem Appeal.

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87 mile cycle ride

CYCLIST Leeds member Mick King and Huddersfield Development Chairman John A Smith planned to cycle to the TAG weekend at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham, unfortunately Mick was unable to do the cycle ride as his bicycle had been stolen.

On Friday August 22nd John set off from Huddersfield Railway Station, there was Brilliant weather, he wore shorts and T-shirt.

The first leg of the journey was Huddersfield to Stocksbridge, then on to Dronfield for lunch under a tree for shade.

The afternoon's journey included a ride on the busy A61 to by-pass Chesterfield. This was the worst stretch of road to cycle on and sure enough, this was where the rear tyre was punctured. After replacing the inner tube it was back on quieter roads to Sutton in Ashfield, and Kirkby in Ashfield.

The final leg to Nottingham was via Hucknell, then after asking directions a couple of times on to Holme Pierpoint, and the National Watersports Centre, and the TAG weekend.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend there was more "brilliant weather!" Summer came to an end, and waterproofs were the appropriate outdoor gear.

The TAG weekend was a high class 18 Plus event with white water rafting, a real ale trip, B.B.Q. discos, and live music.

Thanks to those members at the TAG weekend who gave sponsorship at the weekend including Sandra Bradshaw and her entourage on the "Elite" table. Thanks also to those who put their names down as sponsors in advance.

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SLAVES Leeds 18 Plus Group held a "Slave Auction" on one of their Club Nights, money raised was to go to Leeds 18 Plus Group's chosen Charity, and the Yorkshire Area 18 Plus Children in Need Appeal, £23.50 was raised, and £20.00 of this was donated to the Children in Need Appeal.

The "Slavery" took place at the Grimsby & Cleethorpes 18 Plus "Sandcastles" Disco on Saturday August 30th held at the Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes. This event followed the "Sandcastles" competition which took place in the afternoon.

Dave Sugden, (Bradford 18 Plus), asked his slave John A Smith, (Huddersfield 18 Plus) to find him a blonde nympho-maniac, after much searching, John found Helen from Grimsby & Cleethorpes 18 Plus who admitted to being a blonde nympho-maniac, and was willing to meet Dave, he got a cuddle, and his photo taken with Helen. Other slaves were sent to the bar for drinks, or sent for a dance.


On Saturday November 1st Leeds 18 Plus Group held their "Pudsey's going home" event, a sponsored wheelchair push. The route started from the Leeds 18 Plus Group venue, The Vine, on the Headrow, Leeds, and finished at Pudsey Park, Pudsey, a walk of approximately eight miles.

Members from Bradford and Huddersfield 18 Plus Groups also participated in the event, collecting from shoppers, and from patrons of Pubs along the route. The collection raised approximately £150.00, and about £250.00 was raised through sponsorship.

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On Friday November 21st six 18 Plus members went to the Barbican Centre, York to take part in the Children in Need Challenge. Leeds 18 Plus Group challenged the rest of the Area to a series of four silly "Generation Game" type games - Guess the pantomime dame, weight lifting, cycling and ready steady cook. The games were broadcast on the Children in Need T.V. programme. 18 Plus appeared no less than six times during the evening.

The six 18 Plus members were split into two teams, one representing Leeds 18 Plus, Liz Sytcliffe and Glen & Elaine Anderson. The other team represented the rest of the Yorkshire Area, Julie Gregory (Bradford 18 Plus), with Darren Baker and John A Smith (Huddersfield 18 Plus).

The score in the end was a two, two draw.

Our cheque for £1,350.00 was presented at the end of the programme.

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