The National Federation of 18 Plus Groups

47th Annual National Conference 1988

24 - 25 April 1988
Metropole Hotel, Birmingham

Trophies & Awards

The winners of the trophies awarded this year were:

This was a very difficult decission, but Yorkshire Area came up trumps. Julie Parker, the Yorkshire Area Chairman collected the award on behalf of her Area. Hopefully it has been filled with Champaign as per instructions.

  • President's Trophy (Best Group in Federation): Doncaster.
  • Cobb Dual Purpose Two Pint Jug Mug (Best Area in Federation): Yorkshire Area.
  • Charities Trophy: Longbridge & Rubery.
  • Gold Trail Trophy (Most novel way of charity fundrasing): North-West Area.
  • Community Services: Longbridge & Rubery.
  • Best New Group Trophy: Ironbridge.
  • Training Trophy: Mid-West Area Traing Officer, Eileen Fletcher.
  • Norbury Trophy (Best 18 Plus Magazine): CREDIT Chiltern Region Magazine Edited by Mark Saunsbury
  • Merit Awards: Rita Grimes, Stephen Winfield and John Dodds.
  • Excellence Award: Terry Dixon.
  • Miss 18 Plus: Sue Ousby, Yorkshire Area.

The 1988 winners of the coveted President's Trophy for the best Group in the Federation were Doncaster from Yorkshire Area. This was a very close split decission, so congratulations to all contenders.

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ANC 1988 Report


Extracts from
Plus News June 1988

Extracts from
The Tyke Spring 1988



SATURDAY AT THE GRAND METROPOLE in Birmingham saw delegates and observers arriving from all over the country, ready for what promised to be a very significant ANC - significant In more ways than one. First. the 1988 ANC heralded the arrival of a more prestigious environment for the Conference, reflected in the comfortable (luxurious!) facilities at the Metropole. Secondly. the delegates faced a weekend of decision-making that could radically change the organisation of the Federation.

The Conference was opened by the Lord Mayor of Solihul, accompanied by his Lady Mayoress. The Mayor spoke warmly about the activities of 18 Plus members and the valuable place that the Federation holds In the community. He wished us every success for the Conference and for our future.

Presidential Address

Vice-President Alan Edwards gave this year's Presidential Address, kindly standing In for our President Commander Newing, who was in Australia at the time of the ANC. Alan drew members' attention to the decline in our membership. but pointed out that it is not only 18 Plus who have been affected. He congratulated Yorkshire and Mid-West Areas for their increase in membership and reminded the Conference that all the efforts put in by today's members will have results in the future; although we may find the impending changes planned for the Federation difficult, we must continue to look ahead. Alan asserted that we must not lose sight of our aims and ideals and must preserve our old standards, at the same time making a positive contribution to the future of the Federation.

National Re-organisation

The business then moved on to the debating of motions. Kathy Mugele (National Training Officer) introduced the purpose of the National Working Party set up last year. She proposed a motion that radically changed the nature of the National Committee, the emphasis being placed on a series of sub-committees to take over training, publicity/development, activities, etc. The aim Is to spread the workload on National Officers, who find that a lot of emphasis is placed on their ability to carry out work singlehandedl Another change was that there would no longer be a National Honorary General Secretary. the work to be done in future by our very capable paid staff at Nicholson House. The motion was carried with a large majority.

New Area

Dave Coombes (National Development Officer) proposed the formation of a new Area on behalf of the NEC. This was passed and enabled Groups In Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and North London West of the A5. to form a new area that will benefit them in many ways - communication, management and simply a shorter distance to travel to get to their fellow Groups!

Membership Fee Increase

As always, a proposed membership fee Increase brings all sorts of people out of the woodwork at the ANC, and this year was no exception. The NEC proposed a rise to £12 (including VAT) which would merely cover the losses the Federation faces under the Imminent DES cuts In grants. An attempt was made to amend the amount to £15. but this was lost and the original motion was passed.

12 Month Terms for Group Committees

The NEC then proposed that Group Committees should stand for a year instead of the existing six months. This was intended to bring Group Management In line with Area and National Management. This was passed and will take effect from 1st July 1989.

Please note, this motion was actually lost, John A Smith

Activities Officers

An attempt was made to make the role of Activities Officer a constitutional post on Group Committees. This was defeated. having aroused some very strong objections.

Re-structuring our Areas

The motion aimed at re-structuring the Federation on a geographical basis also aroused some very strong feelings. Members from the North West, Yorkshire and the North East were very much against having Areas made into smaller bodies. whilst the more Southern Areas who at present operate under a Regional/Area system seemed to be more in favour. as the proposals would simplify what is for them a system that duplicates posts and manpower. An amendment was passed (against the advice of the National Chairman who felt that it defeated the object of the motion), - to allow Areas to do what they wanted, and intentions were stated of forming another working party to sort out a more acceptable structure for the Federation.

At the end of the day, all who attended the ANC can look back at the decisions made - some wanted, some not - and congratulate the Federation again for upholding the fundamental principle of democracy. Let us remember what Alan Edwards said: "Change can be painful in the short term ... look at the future and vote for it!"

Your New National Committee

The National Elections at the ANC In Birmingham saw only four National Officers elected. Anne Dunkley was elected to the position of National Chairman. Anne was the East Anglia Area Chairman for three years and also a member of the recent National Working Party. Kathy Mugele was re-elected as National Training Officer and Johanna Winfield was re-elected as Plus News Editor (in case you hadn't noticed!) Our new National Public Relations Officer is Terry Dixon. who also received an Excellence Award at the ANC.

The Premier Event
of the Year

"It in a great honour for me to collect this Trophy on behalf of Yorkshire Area. The success of the Past year has only been achieved as the result of hard work by a lot of people, at Group. and at Area level. thin to their Trophy, and to all of them sitting out there now; and to those who couldn't make It today, 1 would like to thank them for their efforts. Well done, and once again thank you very much."

That was Julie Parker's speech at the A.N.C. when she collected the "Cobb Dual Purpose Two Pint Jug - Mug" Trophy for beet Area. however the first Trophy to be presented at the Annual. National Conference was the Presidents Trophy for beat Group In the Federation. This wan Presented to Wendy and Linda of Doncaster 18 Plum Group who had decided that Doncaster Group were not going to be awarded this Trophy, and so had not prepared a speech! They ware visibly moved

The third Trophy of the day-was for the winner of the National finals of the Mina 18 Plum content which had been held the previous evening. Dave Ismay hosted the on stage section of the contest. The winner wan our own Mina Yorkshire Area. Sue Ousby

When Sue got up to accept her Trophy. she said: "I'm a Doncaster member, and that in quite a trio!" and then when she had composed herself she presented her speech: "Yorkshire have never won the Miss 18 Plus content before. so It was quite a moment last night. thank you to everybody who went quite bananas, It was nice to have all the support, there are a lot more people back home, over 80 Doncaater members, who will enjoy this as much as they all did. 1 hope 1 get plenty of Invitations from everybody this year. if you don't 1'll ring you! it you can't catch me at home, Linda Street has appointed herself my agent! 1 hope to see you all next year, this Miss 18 Plus will definately be here!!

ANC 1988

This year's Annual National Conference at the Motropole Hotel, where you couldn't pump up the beer and still have "Loadsamoney". £7.00.for a beefburger, £68.00 for a bottle of Champagne, you'd have to be a member of top Rock band Rush to be able to afford thees prices!

Doncaster 18 Plus Group could have wiped out their entire Bank balance celebrating best Group, Miss 18 Plus. and of course best Area for Yorkshire. North-Went, Mid-West the other Southern Groups helped themselves to the Mickey Mouse silverware.

No doubt inspired by seeing Rush in the bar, the Southern Area Chairman, Sue Darvall chose to quote a Pet Shop boys B side as part of. her speech In support of the Aotivities motion. ("Lying In the gutter, staring at the stars").

Robbie Wilson compared the National Executive Council to the Fuhrer, and we all heard how hard it is now for Knotty Ash 18 Plus Group to Pay their fees since the Diddy Men left town!

Reference was made to someone sitting on a toilet somewhere in Yorkshire, (take a how Mr Dave Lawrence), also Julle.Parker found a waste bin full of flowers in her bedroom on Saturday night!

One complaint must be made that the beer was so weak that I had to stay up till 4:30 a.m. in the morning to get drunk!

we can thank our lucky stars that Yorkshire's own Sue Ousby won the Miss 18 Plus competition. Imagine if Miss Mid-West had won and gone on Radio 1 to tell Gary Davies all about her 106 pairs of socks! what sort of member would we be getting?

Roll on ANC 1989 and roll on my second mortgage!

A Whartedale 18 Plus observer

You had to be there! John A Smith

Julie Says!

Hi there!

This is your Area Chairman, Julie Parker speaking to you for the last time. I hope you all enjoyed this year's Easter Holiday at Caister, those of you went, some of us had to work!!

Highlights of the past year for me have been our victorious win at the "War of the Roses" over the North-West Area and at thier side of the Pennines too, the Area's 5.1 percent increase in memberships for 1997, (inclusive of late returns), the terrific sum of over £5,000.00 being raised by Groups for Charities, well done to you all, and of course at this year's Annual National Conference at the Metropole Hotel in Birminham, Yorkshire Area receiveng the "Cobb Duel Purpose Two Pint Jug Mug" Trophy for best Area, Sue Ousby winning the National Miss 18 Plus title, and Doncaster 18 Plus being awarded the Presidents Trophy for bent Group in the Federation.

1 shall be retiring from the Area Council at theend or my term of office as I have now reached the big three oh, 30. but 1 have enjoyed the past Yorkshire Area Chairman very much.

All the positions on the Area Executlive Council are up for grabs at the May Area Conference, so a new Area chairman Howard Middleton will be writing thin column next time.

I hope to see you all at the Joint Area Camp, (JAC), which this year could be a sell out! so book early!


18 Plus Yorkshire Area Chairman (1987/88)

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On Saturday evening the Dinner Dance took place, starting at 7:30pm for dinner, the dance started at 9:00pm and Finished at 2:00am.

Comedian DAVE ISMAY provided an excellent evening's entertainment, and Compered the Miss 18 Plus Competition. Music was provided by the one and only Enzo.


THE NEW MISS 18 PLUS IS SUE OUSBY from Doncaster in Yorkshire. She has been a member of the Federation for nearly nine years and has been her Group Activities Officer. Secretary and Chairman (all many times!) She is at present Yorkshire Area Administrator, JAC Administrator and Charities Co-ordinator on the National P.R. Team, so she is really in the swing of things.

In spite of her heavy Involvement with 18 Plus, Sue manages to hold down a busy job as Production Assistant In an Advertising Agency. She does have various hobbies. but says she doesn't have time for them any more!

Let's wish Sue every success in the coming year in everything that she does!

Mr. and Miss 18 Plus ...
Have YOU met them?

SUE OUSBY, MISS 18 PLUS, Doncaster Group

Well, not long into my new role and the work has already begun.

As Miss 18 Plus 1 am now a member of the National Publicity Team and have attended my first meeting. 1 managed to combine it with a visit to Hillingdon Group's 18th Birthday celebrations on the Saturday evening and judged the fancy dress and presented prizes. The fancy dress turn-out was excellent and my thanks go to Hillingdon Group for a very enjoyable evening.

However, my role on the Publicity Team will, 1 hope, reach beyond this, and to this end 1 have adopted the role of Charity Co-ordinator. At the Miss 18 Plus contest emphasis was placed on knowledge of and commitment to the Federation, and 1 therefore think that 1 ought to put this to use!

1 will of course endeavour to create my own opportunities but would also be delighted to help with Groups', Regions' and Areas' publicity and charity efforts, dances and any other events.

Both Dave and 1 feel that the roles of Mr. and Miss 18 Plus could be much more high profile, contributing more fully to the Federation. If 1 can be of assistance at all, please give me a ring.

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