What is Plus?

The National Federation of Plus Groups is a nationwide social / activities organisation for ages 18 - 35. It is non political & non religious in nature. All groups hold regular weekly meetings and are run by their own members for their members.

In 1998 Yorkshire Area 18 Plus and North West Area 18 Plus amalgamated to create the new Northern Area 18 Plus.

The Northern Area 18 Plus inaugural Conference took place on Sunday June 21st in the plush Reception Room of Huddersfield Town Hall.

18 Plus was formed in 1941 following the publication of a report entitled "Disinherited Youth" which spotlighted the lack of recreational facilities for young adults aged 18 and over. Clubs were set up with the aim of getting young people together to organise a wide range of activities within a friendly, social atmosphere.

There are now nearly 50 Plus Groups nationwide, with 5 in the Northern Area, and more planned to be opened. The Plus Group is set up with the ideal that as an organisation it will benefit young people by giving them the opportunity to choose and run their own entertainment. Simply it's a group of young people within their own age range, who meet in the venue of their choice, and elect a Committee to plan, organise, and run their own activities and entertainment.

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Events & Activities

Plus is known for generating it's own unique and exciting atmosphere, no more so than at the many large scale events organised throughout the year. Here is just a sample of some of the exciting events.


A fun packed holiday weekend when 18 Plus takes over a Holiday Centre somewhere in the U.K. Starting in 2001 the event is to take place at Brean Sands near Weston-Super-Mare. Members will enjoy Discos, Live performances, Sports, parties, Competitions and Trips.


In July Groups from all over the Country headed for Marlow to compete against each other in the Annual 18 Plus Raft Race which took place on the Saturday. (Camping facilities available), Sunday features a Five a side Football competition. The event is set against a background of Discos, outdoor pursuits, and other entertainment.


Based at the Bangor on Dee Racecourse in 2000, this August Bank Holiday camping weekend event offered excellent camping facilities, and entertainment, with Discos, Live music, Water sports, Competitions, Excursions, and much more.


Based at Dalesbridge starting in 2005, this annual June camping weekend event offers excellent camping facilities, and entertainment, with Discos, Live music, sports, Competitions, Excursions, and much more.


Autumn Caravan Holiday, (WASH) - An annual weekend of entertainment, live music, leisure pursuits, parties, and competitions at Searles Holiday Centre, Hunstanton in Norfolk.

Many Discos are held in the Northern Area:

St' Valentines Disco
Summer Ball Disco
Halloween Disco
Christmas Disco

Competitions are also organised, most with a celebration Disco to follow in the evening:

Northern Area Plus events also include, Various Charity events.

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You may visit any Plus Group in the Northern Area or the whole Country and join in their activities and events.

You can obtain discounts to Discos and other Plus entertainment, and attend Area, and National scale Plus events.

As a full member you can vote in your Group's elections, and have your say in the running of Plus.

You may stand for election for any Committee post, from Group to National level.

Members have the opportunity to learn and practice a whole range of new skills, from management to P.R. through in-house training.

You will meet and make friends with people of your own age and interests, and enjoy a range of exciting and varied activities run in a friendly social atmosphere.

You will be part of an organisation which, because it is run by it's own members is fully responsive to the needs of all it's members.

These are just a few of the benefits of Plus. In addition to the parties, and fun for which Plus is famous. Plus is also known for the work it does for the community, such as Charity fund-raising, and much more.


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Postal Enquiry Service

For more information about Plus in the Northern Area contact:

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Northern Area Committee

Chairman Robert Jones
Administrator Ellen White
Treasurer Alison Cumbers
Memberships Officer James Sheard
Publicity Officer John A Smith
Activities Officer Karen Chaplin
Gemeral Committee David Orsler

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This page was compiled on 21 June 1998