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18 Plus provides the opportunities, you choose to attend, 18 Plus is participation. The more you put in, the more you get out. You are not just joining s social group, but a whole new and exciting way of life.

The National Federation of 18 Plus Groups is a nation wide social / activities organisation for ages 18 - 35. It is non political & non religious in nature. All groups hold regular weekly meetings and are run by their own members for their members.

In 1998 North-West Area 18 Plus and Yorkshire Area 18 Plus amalgamated to create the new Northern Area 18 Plus.

The North-West Region is part of Northern Area 18 Plus.

18 Plus North-West Reunion

Former Stockport 18 Plus member Doctor George West is planning an 18 Plus North-West reunion of past and present 18 Plus member to take place on a Saturday afternoon in December 2005 or January 2006.

The proposed venue is the Sotockport Plaza hotel and the event is free to currect members, invitation only.

Please phone George West: 01625 878604 evenings after 7pm if you would like to be included on the invitation list.

Comments from future National Chairman and the first North-West Regional Co-ordinator Bekki Roe taken from the August 1998 issue of POW, the Magazine of 18 Plus North-West.

Regional Whitterings

Let me introduce myself, I occupy the position of North West Regional Co-ordinatior and my name is Bekki Roe. For those who are none the wiser, I used to be Chairman of Northwich 18 Plus Group and turned to their last dance looking like an understudy for Ozzy Osbourne. If you're still none the wiserI can't helpat the moment, but guarantee you'll know who I am soon.

Just for the record, here's a bit of background information about me. I suppose I'd better keep it clean. Well, I'm twenty one, and my printable interests are many and varied (just like the unprintable ones). I'm an avid motor racing fan - I used to race stock cars but these days I watch Grand Prix racing and drool over Mika Hakkinen. I'm a Coventry City fan, so I recken there's not a lot of point saying I like football, because no one will believe it.

Other things I like doing are ice skating, writing (which I think is provides as much enjoyment as you can get on your own), collecting Myth and Magic and Enchantica, and attending 18 Plus events (particularly ones where I can dress up as something stupid). I like animals, especially cats, rats and guinea pigs, incidentally, I breed the latter two, so if anyone wants any, get in touch.

Anyway I'm fed up with me, back to Regional metters.

The first words spoken to me after my election by the former North West Area Chairman were "I don't envy you!" prompting the thought "Oh bugger, what have I done?" The answer was of course "I don't know." Well, a few weeks into being Regional Co-ordinator, the answer is still "I don't know" but I'm enjoying it. By the time this makes it into print the first North-West Regional Meeting will have been held and everyone will have a much clearer idea of my role.

One of the things I aim to do is open new Groups. I've already had one suggestion for a location, but I think I might have to part exchange my Fiesta for something more suited to the neighbourhood. Does anybody know where I can get a Sherman tank?


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For more information about 18 Plus in the Northern Area write to:

National Federation of 18 Plus Groups
Church Street Chambers
8-10 Church Street
GL18 1PP

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