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Plus was formed in 1941 following the publication of a report entitled "Disinherited Youth" which spotlighted the lack of recreational facilities for young adults in the 18 to 29 age group.

Clubs were set up with the aim of getting young people together to organise a wide range of activities within a friendly, social atmosphere.

The Plus Group is set up with the ideal that as an organisation it will benefit young people by giving them the opportunity to choose and run their own entertainment.

Simply it's a group of young people within their own age range, who meet in the venue of their choice, and elect a Committee to plan, organise, and run their own activities and entertainment.

Plus understands that for many people, taking the initial step of joining a group of people you have never met before can seem a little daunting. That is why each Plus Group organises regular Club Nights, to welcome and introduce new members to the Club in relaxed surroundings. Plus is a friendly organisation! Do come to our regular Club Nights as often as possible after you join, and you will soon find yourself easily making new friends.


Come to one of our Club Nights and meet lots of friendly, sociable people! Join as a Plus Group Member, attend as many national and regional scale events as you can and meet lots of friendly, sociable people!


Whether you are from the U.K. or abroad, it can be difficult to make the most of a new area on your own. Join one of our many local Groups and Plus will quickly introduce you to a new circle of friends with whom to enjoy the very best of your new area.


Plus is not a dating agency. We won't match you up with other members or arrange blind dates, Instead, Plus organises a wide range of activities, with the emphasis on fun, friendship and shared interests. This is a far more spontaneous, relaxed way of meeting people. Everyone attends the events and activities they enjoy the most. There are so many events to choose from, you can easily meet and join up with people who also like the things that you like doing!.



You may visit any Plus Group in the country and join in their activities and events.


You can obtain discounts to discos, holidays and other Plus entertainments and attend Group, Area, and National Plus events.


As a full member you can vote in your Group's elections and have your say in the running of Plus. You may stand for election for any Committee post, from Group to National level.


You will enjoy a range of exciting and varied Activities run in a friendly and social atmosphere. Joining Plus provides the opportunity to meet HUNDREDS of sociable, like-minded people whilst pursuing the activities you enjoy.


Members have the opportunity to learn and practice a whole range of new skills from Management to P.R. through in house training and experience.


You will be part of an organisation which, because it is run by it's own members is fully responsive to the needs and interests of all it's members.


Plus provides the opportunities, you may choose to attend, or get involved in the organising. Plus is participation, the more you put in, the more you get out.

These are just a few of the benefits of Plus membership. In addition to the parties, and fun for which Plus is famous. Groups and individual members are also known for the work they do to assist the community, their involvement in Charity fund-raising, and much more.


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