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My Service history at The Housing & Health Unit

The Housing & Health Unit
Fun Page

Multimedia at The
Housing & Health Unit

Amiga at The
Housing & Health Unit

Kirklees Council Official Web Site

18 Plus

18 Plus John's
18 Plus Page

18 Plus
WebRing Page

18 Plus Yorkshire
Charity Challenge
Children in Need 1998

Yorkshire Area 18 Plus Alyve magazine article

The 18 Plus

War of the Roses 1996

War of the Roses 1997

War of the Roses 1998

War of the Roses

18 Plus T.V. advert

Bradford 18 Plus Page

North Links Quest

Huddersfield 18 Plus Page

Leeds 18 Plus Page

Rothwell 18 Plus Page

18 Plus Enquiry Form

The Official 18 Plus Web Site


John A Smith's
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John A Smith's
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MM at the
Housing & Health Unit

Amiga at the
Housing & Health Unit


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Search Engines

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John A Smith's Links Page

A load of Links to Web Sites that I have visited
and found interesting or useful.


John A Smith's Links Page: Click to View or Add Links.



Computer related site list


Go to HuddsNet to find out more about Huddersfield.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). A database of over 117,000 movies

This is an absolutely brilliant Web Site for anyone interested in the Cinema, If you have never been to this Web site then you must check it out once you have finished here



Cyclists Touring Club

What the Bible Says About...
Add this search to your web page
Logos Research Systems, Inc.
The Saint The Saint by Leslie Charteris Official Web Site


A E Van Vogt
A. E. van Vogt Bibliography - The Weird Worlds of A.E. van Vogt by Magnus Axelsson


A very informative Web Site on

Cyrano de Bergerac

The play, and all things related.


Enter keywords...


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Links to various computer related Web Sites
Arranged in alphabetical order.

 [ACE Multimedia]
 [CH Products]
 [Cirrus Logic]
 [Creative Labs]
 [Diamond Multimedia]
 [Gravis Advanced]
 [Hewlett Packard]
 [US Robotics]
 [Western Digital]
 [Yamaha UK]
 [Yamaha USA] 

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