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Saturday 6th September 1997

The War of the Roses is an annual competition held between the North West and Yorkshire Areas of the National Federation of 18 Plus Groups. Each year there is a theme for the competitions and the evening Disco.

Past themes have included; the Olympics, Star Wars, 100 years of Cinema, a Medievel Joust and Animal Magic.

In 1997 The theme was Star Wars and the games making up the competition were based on scenes from the Star Wars films, and the evening Disco, (the "Sci-fi Ball") involved people dressing up as science fiction characters and characters from the Star Wars films.

Leeds 18 Plus Team The event was held at the Moorside Leisure Centre, Droylsden. North West Area intended to win the trophy again for the 3rd year, they published the following challenge in Plus News; "The North West WILL keep the trophy, and Yorkshire will be beaten, if you are up to the challenge,Yorkshire Area then be there on September 6th."

But Yorkshire Area won the competition.

The Evening event was held at the Junction Function Room, Manchester Road, Audenshaw. A fancy dress competition at the Disco was won by Nigel Williams, (Rothwell 18 Plus), as Data from "Star Trek", and Cheadle 18 Plus member Esther Hamilton, as Princess Leia from "Star Wars", they each received a bottle of wine.

Extract.from Plus News May 1997


This is to formally challenge Yorkshire Area to the War of the Roses. This year the event will be hosted with a member of each group from North West Area on the committee.

The North West WILL keep the trophy and Yorkshire will be beaten. If you are up to the challenge Yorkshire Area then be there on September 6th. More details will follow soon.

Brave words indeed. However they weren't brave enough to put their name to the challenge ! - Ed.


Chairman - Elaine Padley
Publicity Contact - Chester and Romiley Group Chairmen
Bookings Contact - Cheadle Group Chairman
Competitions Contacts - Knotty Ash, Romiley, Wilmslow, Northwich, Whitefield Group Chairmen
Treasurer - North West Area Treasurer
Evening Event - Altrincham and Stockport Group Chairman

An Article from the Yorkshire Area 18 Plus ALYVE Magazine No 2 - October 1997

The annual War of the Roses event was held in 'foreign' parts in 1997 in Droylsden near Manchester.

Mandy Perry with Space Hopper The theme was Star Wars. The first game was Light Sabre Training, bursting baloons whilst blindfolded. The second game was Attacking the Death Star with golf balls - pitch & putt playing came in handy here! Next was rescuing objects out of the Jabba the Hut Sand Pit without touching the sand. The fourth game was helping the Ewoks in the Forest of Endor be re-united, and the final game was Fighting on the Death Star to rescue Princess Leia, using footballs and tennis balls, and also avoiding the wet sponges.

The weather could have been better, but the atmosphere was good, and last but not leest, the winners were YORKSHIRE!

Well done to Bradford, the two teams from Leeds, and especially to Barnsley who won three of the games!

A good laugh, and a chance to meet North West members, War of the Roses is an event not to be missed, and Yorkshire Area is hosting it in 1998, (so get training!).

The Trophy
Yorkshire Area Chairman, Wendy Turner.
"She`s only happy when she`s holin` trophy!"


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