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War of the Roses 1998

Leeds 18 Plus get into costume
Leeds 18 Plus get into costume

Saturday 12th September 1998

Games Venue - Holmfirth High School/Sports Centre Holmfirth near Huddersfield
Evening Disco Venue - Holmfirth Civic Hall Huddersfield Road Holmfirth near Huddersfield

The War of the Roses is an annual competition formerly between the North West and Yorkshire Areas. Now that the two Areas have been amalgamated to form the new Northern Area the competitioon is held between the two Regions.

Each year the War of the Roses has a theme which is used for the competition. To celebrate the formation of the new Northern Area of 18 Plus the 1998 theme was "The North".

Holmfirth High School was the venue for the War of the Roses Games, Six were organised:

Pudding Post
Pack Horse Trail
Welly Wanging
Northern Soaps
Flat Caps, Ferrits and Trousers Relay
Sheepdog Trials

The evening Disco took place at Holmfirth Civic Hall, the Bar was organised by the Post Card Inn, the venue closed at 1:00 a.m. Music for the evening was provided by the Winds of Change Disco.


Co-ordinator - John A Smith
Publicity - Ellie Jones
Evening Event - Judy Horsborough - Julie Gregory
Games - Linda Street

Leeds 18 Plus get into costume


This year's theme for the War of the Roses Competition was decided upon as "The North" to celebrate the coming together of the Yorkshire and North West Areas to form the new Northern Area. The two old Areas had become Regions so the battle would now be between Groups from each of the Regions.

John Smith, this year's organiser accepted my offer of help with the gamesand so it was decided that John would look after "Northern Soaps" (T.V. celebrity quiz), "Pack Horse Trail" (obstacle course) and Welly Wanging, whilst yours truly looked aftter "Sheep Dog Trials" (blindfold game), "Flat Caps, Ferrits and Trousers Relay" and "Pudding Post" (sack race).

Judy Horsborough kindly offered to make a cuddly ferret, Romiley 18 Plus Group's fancy dress box revealed an exceptionally large pair of black baggy trousers and a flat cap could easily be made by covering an aluminium tray - one game done. The mail sacks used in many a school sports day were found and so another game was organised. The sports bag revealed a box of whistles, a dog's mask was found in the good old fancy dress box and a scarfe was a blindfold, the only thing missing were four sheep! John maintained we were skint and could'nt even afford neck chops! That's when I asked for suggestions;

a. From Romiley 18 Plus (on the edge of sheep farming country) - try rustling (still not sure whether you could be hung for sheep stealing) I forgot about this one.
b. Black the Cheadle lads' faces and throw sheepskin rugs over them, I put this on the "if all else fails list" as we needed them on a team.
c. The W & G fans suggested using "Shauns" but these didn't come cheap, one however, made a popular raffle prize.
d. Make them - a good idea but I only tracked down the knitting pattern with three days to go.
e. Charity Shops.

With economy in mind I started to trawl the Charity Shops, my first port of call "Help the Aged", (no jokes about me being a beneficiary), and BINGO! for 99p I purchased a large pink lamb. Another fourteen shops later (I tried Stockport, Edgeley and Cheadle). I had searched through hundreds of toys to find new teddies, pigs, Scottie dogs, elephants, "Dinos" and seals but no more sheep. Feeling sorry for the dear old ladies who staff these shops I purchased some odds n' ends, including a Pony Club annual and a twenty year old copy of the Guinness Book of Records. At the back of a news agents, in the gloom, I spotted a cheap sheep, but when I got home he was revealed as a poodle! The Toys R us sale enabled the purrchase of two bendy toy sheep, so I had four sheep of sorts!


Leeds 18 Plus get into costume

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This page was compiled by John A Smith on 21 June 1998