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the Bovis!"

The 18 Plus "Dossers"

The Bovis Skull Welcome to the 18 Plus "Dossers" Web Site. We hope you enjoy the "Dossers" Web Site which tries, with stories and annecdotes, to represent the "Dossers" of the National Federation of 18 Plus Groups.

The 18 Plus "Dossers" were started by Edward Armstrong, (known as "Ted Bovis", or "The Bovis"), and Rob Wilson, known as Robbie.

This page was created by John A Smith, also known to the "Dossers" and others as "the Anti-Christ"

The Anti-Christ
"The Bovis is dead!"

We are always very happy to receive suggestions, comments or feedback.

You can access 18 Plus at: http://www.18plus.org.uk
or E-mail me at: jas@anvil.uk.net


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