The Amiga at the Housing & Health Unit

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The Amiga A1200HD has been used at
the Housing & Health Unit for
Scala Multimedia presentations
at Open Days and Exhibitions

Amiga 1200HD

I work for Kirklees Council's Housing & Health Unit in Huddersfield, we give help, advice, and make arrangements to have the homes of people with disabilities adapted to meet their needs, (budgets permitting), and provide information about moving to a more suitable home.

When the Unit was set up the idea was suggested that we get some sort of Multimedia presentation system for open days etc.

I suggested to the Manager that the Amiga 1200HD with Scala MM300 installed would be the ideal choice. In 1995 I created an interactive presentation on my own system for a "Computers are Fun" Day organised by the Disability Services Dept' which was well recieved, this was the persuading factor as some of the staff had seen my presentation and were impressed by it.

When we first recieved our new Amiga 1200HD, Scala MM300 wouid not install, The installer program advised that 2 MB Fast RAM was needed, it then exited. This was very disapointing and annoying in view of the hype about the inclusion of Scala in the bundle. I feel this shortcoming should have been publicised. (It was not even mentioned on the sticker on the box that states that Scala is included).

As it happens I was able to partially solve this problem with the help of a little freely distributable program called "halfnhalf" obtained from the Weird Science CD "Network 2".

This program convinces the system that half the RAM is Fast RAM, and the other half is Chip RAM. This allowed me to install all the Scala software, and to run the program itself. It will also run the demo scripts, but sometimes this causes a crash.

We placed an order for a 2 MB RAM expansion, and this has allowed us to run a reasonable presentation.

I feel that a 2MB RAM expansion should have been provided as part of the A1200HD package which included Scala MM300.

John A Smith Adaptations Officer
Housing & Health Unit

Kirklees Council

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