Multimedia at the Housing & Health Unit

Kirklees CouncilHousing & Health Unit


by John A. Smith

The Housing and Health Unit has developed a "T.V. Leaflet" Presentation which it was planned would go on tour round the Area Housing Offices.

The T.V. Leaflet comprises the following, an Amiga A1200 personal computer running Scala Multimedia, and a Samsung T.V. It provides Information on the Housing and Health Unit, Medical Advisory service, Adaptations - (criteria, procedures, types of adaptations, statistics etc), and Disability Services.

Information and pictures stored in the computer are displayed on the T.V. screen in an attractive and readable form. The first page is a list of subjects covered, you move a pointer round the screen with the computer's mouse, and click on "buttons" to display the information you wish to see. More "buttons" are displayed, (in the form of a table of contents), which you may click on to see the information you want.

The T.V. Leaflet was developed from a system set up by the Adaptations Service when it was part of Disability Services, therefore a fair amount of updating of the information was required.

Unfortunately the system was little used, and is now unlikely to be used as Kirklees have created an Intranet system which should in the future have the capability to make multimedia presentations available on any computer connected to the Kirklees network.