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General History

Video - 1990 produced by Jo Webb, Janet Hallas David Smith and myself additional ideas by Dan Lawson and John Hinchliffe

Disability Services Video 1992

Video 1993 - Participated in planning of Video for deaf people.

D.L.C. Exhibitions

Powered Wheelchairs - June 1987

HELP in the kitchen - December 1987

February 1990 - Level Best campaign launched

Daily Living Challenge June 22 The Mission Zetland Street

The Young Ones - December - Dewsbury Sports Centre

Computers are Fun 12 May 1994 Dewsbury Level Best

Dancing Elephanr Awards 1992 - I was nominated for the Video I made for Disability Services / Level Best

Housing & Health Unit - T.V. Leaflet presentations

Grand Opening - Housing Week June1995

Anniversary (Housing Week) 3 - 9 June 1996

Housing Week 1998 - McAlpine Stadium

European Day of Disabled People 3 December 1996

Living Places Seminars at the National Childrens Centre - June 1997

April 1996 - mobile showering exhibition, Silver Court


D.L.C. Review - 1989/1990

Disability Services Review - 1993

Housing Services Review - 1995



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T.V. Leaflet

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The Disabled Living Centre

The Disabled Living Centre Community Group

The Disabled Living Centre Community Group was set up in 1987 by staff members, on a voluntary basis, none of whom had experience of public speaking. The Community Group was set up to publicise the work of the Disabled Living Centre and the aim is to give people information on the types of Equipment and Adaptations that are available through the Council.

One of the most important reasons for forming the group was to bridge the gap between Social Services and the public - the people out there in the community who really count, and to take the Disabled Living Centre out to them so that they know what is available, who to contact, what the procedures asre and to give people a choice and a say in what their individual needs are.

The format of the talk was in four parts - The introduction, about the Community Group, why we are there and the Disabled Living Centre itself. Secondly, a talk about the Adaptations available, how they can help an individual. Thirdly, we have a visual demonstration in the use of small items of Equipment. Finally a general discussion with the audience, answering questions or enquiries. We always tool as much infiormation as possible leaving some with the audience to enable them to read at their leisure and folliowgh any quiries they may have.

At first we visited the Council's Sheltered Housing complexes to talk to elderley people, we did one talk in each of the catchment areas of the seven Social Services Area Teams, but we have since moved on to various other organisations throughout Kirklees.

The Disabled Living Centre is part of Social Services and was founded in July 1986. It was opened in October of the same year by Councillor Mrs Wheable who was then Chair of the Social Services Cimmittee.

The Centre has three main functions - co-ordination of Equipment, co-ordination of Adaptations and Information giving.

The Disabled Living Centre holds regular exhibitions on a two monthly basis and we have held various exhibitions on different themes, such as Communications Equipment, Toys for the handicapped, Stairlifts, Bathing & Showering Equipment, Powered Wheelchairs and Seating. The Exhibitions are held on a two day period and we have a one night late opening until 8:00 p.m.

Attendance at our Exhibitions has been good, but unfortunately the majority of the people were Professionals. We did not seem to be getting a good response from the general public, so we therefore decided to form the Community Group which was set up on a voluntary basis.

The main aim of the Group is to go out into the community in an attempt to encourage the public to come down to the Disabled Living Centre. To do this we give talks on the Centre itself and also inform the public of what is available through Social Services

We have some pictures of the Group whilst they are giving a talk. Our talks are held both during the day, providing there is enough staff to cover, and also in the evening.

The Group work well together and all our talks are a joint effort. When we visit a group we always ensure that we have ample informationregarding list of staff members, opening times, future exhibitionsetc. We have We alks have a folder containing pictures of Equipment and Adaptations.

We have had a very good response from our talks resulting in some of the peiple visiting the Centre. This has made the Group feel that their efforts are worthwhile.

The need to publicise the Centre as well as what i available through Social Services has proved necessary, and what better way to spread the word about than through the Community Group itself.

We are planning a small unmanned exhibition to tour round the branch libraries initially.

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