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Leeds 18 Plus Group
at WASH 2002
(Weekend at Sunny Hunstanton)


WASH 2002
by John A Smith

Thanks to Keith Israel and his team of helpers for organizing a great WASH for 2002.

There were five of us from Leeds this year, Maureen and Jenny driving with Peter, Glen and myself as passengers. We all met up at Glen's house for some lunch before setting off for Hunstanton.

On arrival at Searles Holiday Centre, Hunstanton the first thing to do was to book in, we were each given our WASH booklet and a caravan number. At the caravan, bedrooms were allocated, we then went to the Mariner’s bar restaurant for a meal.

Friday night was the usual meet & greet of all the old and new friends. Nick Brittain was back as WASH D.J. and got the WASH party going by introducing the Friday night bands, two local cover bands "Tweeky's Wind" and "The Blues Tubes", the first in a rock vein, the second more of a soul sound, they both seemed to go down quite well on the dance floor.

There were a couple of parties about on Friday, Solihull had a lively one in their caravan and one of the Northern Area cabins had a quieter one. Leeds lot however went to Dunstable Group`s log cabin where Ian Crawshaw, Houslow Group was staying, we were almost the same "Fab Four" who were put up by Ian & Christina after the National Treasure Hunt.

Saturday afternoon was the WASH quiz, 26 teams took part, making it the most participated in event of the weekend. The Leeds team started off quite well, but lost it near the end finishing second to last

Saturday night was the Beach party, the girls wore their swimming costumes, and the boys wore shorts and T shirts. I wore my Miami (vice) beach outfit.

Jenny & Glen Maureen & Glen
Jenny & Ian Maureen & Jenny

WASH 2002 Beach Party

Photographs from Jenny Kingsley

Saturday evening started off with the barn dancing of "News Of The Victory" excellent musicians and the people who danced really enjoyed themselves.

Next up a brief appearance by "Katrina", a woman who has had three hits and sang four songs, as with all these 'P.A.' type affairs it was a singing along to a backing tape thing.. sort of Stars in Their Eyes 'Tonight Matthew, I'm going to appear as myself'. It's a long time since Katrina appeared before at an 18 Plus event (Caister 1988). Many were disappointed by her short appearance.

Saturday Nights final band "Northern Exposure" played for 18 Plus at this years ANC. They are a band who play music to dance to, and that's just what we did.

Saturday nights parties all seemed to be over in the Log Cabins. We ended up at Dunstable`s cabin again, though I went off to other parties and returned to Dunstable`s cabin to find the party had left, it came back later though and finally broke up at about seven a.m.

Sunday, and Peter was in the pool,.

Sunday Lunchtime saw the return of the madmen from Huddersfield, my home town, who have previously entertained WASH as Vikings (Max Bloodaxe, 1998) and Romans (Legio Va Maximus, 1999) This time they were the Lederhosen clad "Big Wolff Oompah Band", turning the Sundowner Bar into a Bavarian Beer hall - though you don't often get Waterfalls, Surfers or Greek folk dancing in most beer halls !

Before the comedy show, the D.J. organised a silly game which Maureen and I won, age and experience winning out over youth and vigor!

WASH 2002 Piggy back race (close window to return to this page) WASH 2002 Piggy back race (close window to return to this page) WASH 2002 Piggy back race (close window to return to this page) WASH 2002 Piggy back race (close window to return to this page)

Maureen & John - Piggy back race

Photographs from Jarrett Smith - Coventry 18 Plus Group

Sunday Afternoons comedy show suffered from the non appearance of one of the acts, maybe he thought East Anglia was still cut off from the previous weekends storms !, The other acts extended their acts to fill up the time, but the show was over before anybody realised - but that might have been because nobody actually said that the show was at an end !, the audience were still waiting for another act as we weren't aware one hadn't turned up.

After the comedy show we went into Hunstanton for a meal out.

Sunday night, after 9:00 the place filled up and soon the first band "Marlo" came on, a fine rock band who showed that the best way to get everybody up on the dance floor and jumping about is to play 'Smells like Teen Spirit'.

The second band "Hollywood" seemed to go down well with the men in the audience, fronted as they were by a 'big' girl in a small white top and a long haired girl in a tight black outfit.

Sunday night’s parties, Hounslow had a quiet one where Paul West played his clarinet, and Peter spoke to strangers!.

And then it was Monday morning and all over again apart from the round of goodbyes.

We decided to have a look at Kings Lynn on the way home.

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