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(Weekend at Sunny Hunstanton)

The following photographs are courtesy of Nick Lloyd - Chingford 18 Plus.

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For many the highlight of Saturday evening was the fancy dress competition. There were some superb entries but the Group winners were Northwich 18 Plus (last year's winners), dressed as the Flintstones complete with car.



NULLI SECUNDUS - Which is Latin for second to none and we agree that the local band from Kings Lynn were hard to beat. Nulli performed covers of rock classics as well as their own original material.

SWAINES - From the West MidlandsSwaines are largely by the current "Brit Pop" scene and more, they perform amongst others, covers of Oasis, Blur and Pulp in their own style.

THE BERNADETTE WILDE BAND - An Earth shattering Tamla/Pop extravaganza. Bernadette's vivacious personality and show stopping vocal performances make this act one of the most popular shows in top class venues throughout Britain, Europe and the middle East.

KENNY THOMAS - Considered to be one of the leading figures on the British Soul scene. Kenny has come a long way since his debut single "Outstanding" stormed into the charts in January 1991.

J.X. - Back in 1994 a single entitled "Son of a Gun" was released and soon became a club anthem and crossed into the national top twenty.

VOULEZ VOUZ - An 18 Plus favourite with their pin point costumes, excellent vocals and first class musicianship. Voulez vouz have become established as one of the premier BBBA tribute bands.

FOXX - The final act at WASH 1996 and specially picked to finish off the weekend in an upbeat mood, performing covers of recent chart hits with a large slant towards party!

The above photographs are courtesy of Nick Lloyd - Chingford 18 Plus
Nick Lloyd


Photograph by John A Smith - Leeds 18 Plus

The following is an extract from the WASH 1996 Programme:

"The WASH weekend has become the official date of the annual "Dossers" elections. The conferences, campaigns, speeches and rantswill all take place in the Mariners Bar between Bands on Saturday and Sunday nights with the election of Dosser Number One being announced on Sunday evening. Spare a few minutes to take a look at this organised lunacy".

The One Here you can see Jonathan Kirkland "Ranting" at the "Dossers" elections for "Number One Dosser".

On the right hand side is Tom Rowe, one of the "Dossers" Elite, on the chair is the "Bovis Skull" donated by Rugby 18 Plus as the original had gone missing at the Easter Holiday that year, (it was returned at the 1997 Easter Holiday following an article in Plus News).

Drink!!! Here's a picture of me at one of the many caravan parties.

On the right hand side is Ann Davis of Grimsby & Cleethorpes 18 Plus.

Glen and Elaine This is Glen Anderson and Elaine Coatsworth of Leeds 18 Plus enjoying WASH 1996.



  • Video Quiz - Redbridge 18 Plus
  • Car Rally - Dave Orsler (Cheadle 18 Plus)
  • Go Karts - Female: Ann Bryant (Chingford 18 Plus), Male: Jeremy Mack (Dunstable 18 Plus)
  • Fancy Dress - Group/individual
    • 1st The Flintstones (Northwich 18 Plus) & Pinnochio (Geoff Buller, Grimsby & Cleethorpes 18 Plus)
    • 2nd Grand Prix (Cheadle 18 Plus) & Phantom (Tony)
    • 3rd Van Trapp Family (Barnsley 18 Plus) & Tin Of Beans (Penny, Kings Lynn 18 Plus)




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This page was compiled by John A Smith on 9 February 1999