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18 Plus WASH 2001
(Weekend at Sunny Hunstanton)

Fri 2 - Mon 5 November 2001
Searles Holiday Park, Hunstanton, Norfolk

18 Plus

WASH 2001 - A Personal View - Phil Bettis - Jo Krasij Photos Jarrett Smith

3 Days & Nights of Entertainment
for only


WASH 2001 - A Personal View
By Phil Bettis

Ian & EllieWhat can you say about WASH other than it is over too soon and doesn't come around often enough!

Friday night was spent in the usual way, getting very drunk and saying hello to all my friends from around the country. The bands I can't remember, but then I've not remembered a band from WASH Friday night for about 10 years.

Saturday morning was spent in the sauna and jacuzzi recovering a bit, the karaoke I missed, rushed down to the cinema to watch Moulin Rouge, managed to stay awake through the whole film, which was more than some people did!.

Saturday nights dance was populated by some very scary schoolgirls... scary cos some of the male schoolgirls looked a lot better than the female ones... not sure of some of the school people went to though, a giant purple alien and a male nun didn't remind me too much of any of the kids I was at school with. Three bands on Saturday was perhaps a little too much, there did seem to be a little lack of atmosphere, the first band 'Floating Greyhounds' I thought were probably the best band of the week and Limahl was very entertaining, but more dancing and less 'live' music please.

Sunday Morning again was spent in the pool / Sauna / Jacuzzi, though there were markedly fewer people there than on Saturday morning, perhaps overdoing it Saturday night required a lie in on Sunday Morning. Then into the bar to watch Liverpool beating the Scum 3-1... there were a lot of Liverpool shirts in the bar, wasn't sure how many of them were on people from north of Watford though... but being a Man City fan it's always nice to see United getting beaten.Ellie & Dave The Comedy show was a little disappointing, maybe I just wasn't drunk enough at that time of day, but I'd heard nearly all the jokes before. The only really funny bit was when the act went wrong and the performers themselves cracked up laughing.

Sunday night came round too soon, though many people didn't get across to the venue until late, the first band had a good comedy act, but then proceeded to carry on and on with straight singing of records that the DJ was almost bound to play anyway. The Queen B's were a good tribute band with a singer who did sound a lot like Freddie, but I couldn't watch him as I was just cracked up by his false moustache and plastic top teeth... he was a good enough imitator not to need to look that like Freddie.

And then it was over again for another year... well apart from the third late night party.

Roll on next year.................


WASH 2002 - It's the only place to be

Luxury Caravan Accommodation, Top name entertainment,
Live Music & Bands, Video Music Quiz
Excellent DJ's, The Sea Side, plus lots more......

WASH 2001
Photos by Jarrett Smith

Renny & Beck

John Malinder - Roswell High ?
John Malinder - Roswell High

WASH Monster
DUKW - the WASH Monster

WASH 2001 - the biggest annual party in 18 Plus and this year WASH celebrates it's 18th year.


The price for WASH 2001 is only £48, which includes 3 nights accommodation in luxury caravans, plus most of the day time & evening entertainment / activities and use of Searles Holiday Park facilities such as the sauna & swimming pool.


WASH 2001 - A Personal View
By Jo Krasij

Well what can I say..... Keith and his committee did it again. I think I can safely say a fabulous time was had by all.

Friday night passed by in an alcohol induced stupor (I apologise to anybody I might have woken up while going back to my caravan (No 2) at about 1.15 on Saturday morning!!!).

WASH MonsterAll the Whitefield mob went on the DUKW on Saturday afternoon which passed a very enjoyable half an hour or so (if you haven't been on it I thoroughly recommend it). Well what happens is the DUKW goes out into the sea on to the mudflats and then the ramp is put down and everybody gets off and wanders round on the mudflats for a bit looking at the starfish, jellyfish etc, then we got back on and the captain pointed out interesting locations on the landscape and then we came back to the promenade. It was really good value for money. £5.00 and we were out there for ages.

Saturday night more alcohol and another late night/early morning.

Sunday more of the same. Mostly great entertainment (with one or two exceptions).... my favourite entertainment of the weekend was a toss up between the Floating Greyhounds on Saturday night (anybody who can do covers by The Cult and Metallica definitely get my vote) or the comedy band on Sunday night or the Queen tribute band (Queen B) on Sunday night.

Special mention to Dave (?) too for his superb 'having a go' at being Tom Jones on Sunday afternoon..... you've certainly got guts.

My only complaint is the price of the drinks at the bar (£2.54 for a Bacardi Breezer), luckily we took some down with us to get us started!!!.

All in all, roll on WASH 2002.

Jo Krasij (Whitefield 18 Plus)


The 18th Anniversary of WASH, planned to be one of the best WASH holidays ever, with top name entertainment, live music, video music quiz, Excellent DJ's, the seaside, plus lots more......

This is the best entertainments weekend run by 18 Plus and indeed probably one of the best value for money entertainments weekends available anywhere. So not something to miss...



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Created by Mark Hewson & John A Smith on February 13th 2001

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