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WASH 2003
(Weekend at Sunny Hunstanton)


WASH - a case of too much and not enough

That's too much enjoyment and not enough sleep of course ! ! for those who didn't go, this year was definitely one of the top WASH's of the last 19 years...

The bands were great, the comedians top quality, the film noisy enough to keep us awake ! the parties full and raucous and the chips and curry sauce just what you need after a dance and a drink... there's not really much you can do to improve WASH except perhaps make it longer ! !

Oh and the aqua-aerobics... all those girls bouncing up and down in their swimsuits... worth getting up for ! !

Thanks Keith, Paul, Dawn, Sherrie and Lynne... WASH 2003 was great, nice to see some of the old faces there again as guests as well

Halesowen 18 Plus

Steve Farringo Band
Steve Farringo Band
Five Steps to Abba
Five Steps to Abba
East of Java
East of Java

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