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The Dossers Anti-Christ

The 18 Plus "Dossers" 18 Plus
the Bovis!"
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Stories and Anecdotes about the "Dossers"


In 1991 Robbie Wilson and I decided to go on a cycling holiday together. Friends said I was mad for going, but we had a really good time.

The Holiday was to include the 18 Plus TAG weekend in the middle. This event took place at the Show Ground at Shepton Mallet.

There were only a few Yorkshire members at TAG that year, but there was quite a "Dossers" revival. We spent most of the TAG weekend with Knotty Ash 18 Plus Group who Robbie knew quite well..

It was the first time I had seen the "Dossers" "Shouters corner".

Linda Street took the platform to ask the "Dossers" to move further away from the camp site as people wished to go to slleep. People started to shout "Linda, show us a sign!", to which she put out the flaming torch, to a chorus of "It's a sign! it's a sign!".

I have been associated with the "Dossers" ever since.
"The Bovis Skull"

The Bovis Skull was introduced into the "Dossers" legend during the "Dossers" elections at the WASH 1995 weekend by John A Smith, (also known as "The Anti-Christ").

The Anti-Christ


Each year at the 18 Plus WASH weekend the "Dossers" held their annual election to appoint a new "Spiritual Leader".

1995 - The "Dossers" "Anti-Christ" was persuaded to rant at the "Dossers" elections, his rant was not "Renounce the Bovis!" as in previous years, but "The Bovis is dead! only Edward Armstrong remains!", and to prove the claim he produced the "Bovis Skull" for the first time.

1996 - The last "Dossers" election, this year Rugby 18 Plus presented the "Dossers" with a new "Bovis Skull".

The One

Jonathan Kirkland, (see picture), and the bin were elected joint "Number One Dosser".

The following is an extract from the WASH 1996 Programme:

"The WASH weekend has become the official date of the annual "Dossers" elections. The conferences, campaigns, speeches and rantswill all take place in the Mariners Bar between Bands on Saturday and Sunday nights with the election of Dosser Number One being announced on Sunday evening. Spare a few minutes to take a look at this organised lunacy".

Huddersfield 18 Plus member, John A Smith, also know to the "Dossers" as the "Anti-Christ" created a skull & cross bones at the "Sandcastles" competition organised by the Grimsby & Cleethorpes 18 Plus Group in 1997.

The Skull is the sign of the "Dossers" "Anti-Christ".

The Bovis Skull in sand
The "Bovis Skull"

John also attended the evening Disco dressed as the "Anti-Christ" for the Leeds 18 Plus Slave Auction

The "Anti-Christ"
The "Anti-Chris" a slave!

The "Bovis Skull"
attends Annual National Conference 1999

Here`s the "Bovis Skull" at the 1999 A.N.C. with Huddersfield 18 Plus Group Delegates Paul Williams and Dave Sugden.

ANC Delegates 1999

Annual National Conference 1999
Linda Street

I once had a conversation with Linda Street, who was involved with 18 Plus for a number of years. She told me that the "Dossers" shouting of "SESSION!" was not started by them at all, but by members of the North West and Yorkshire Areas way back in the seventies.

It started at the 18 Plus Easter Holiday at Caister near Great Yarmouth, a member would call at the chalet of a fellow member and shout "SESSION!", meaning, it's time to go for a drinking session. This would continue through the various chalets until by the last one a crowd would be shouting "SESSION!" at the top of their voices.

When the "Dossers" started in the eighties, they carried on the tradition.
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