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1 would like to thank the people of the Yorkshire Area who sponsored me on a 50-mile walk, (in wellies) en route to last year's T.A.G.

Despite bad weather and various setbacks, the walk was completed and a total of £175.00 collected, plus further amounts of £38.00 raised by a sponsored roadblock at T.A.G. and £1.30 raised by a dossers' raffle at the War of the Roses event. The total sum is over £214.00, and it is hoped to hand over this amount very soon to a representative from Muscular Dystrophy.

I intend to walk to T.A.G. again this year - if anyone is interested in coming along. I can be contacted via Wor:ksop Group.

ROB WILSON Worksop 18 Plus

Printed in THE TYKE Spring 1986

This particular issue was never actually published as it wasn`t approved by the A.E.C. It was the project of another "Dosser" Jonathan Kirkland

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by Stan Blenkinsopp

On the opening night of Scunthorpe/Bottesford Flipper Club Dave Firth was attacked by a group or angry parents who had sent their 5 - 8 year old kids to a Butlins style Dolphin Club!

Following the disappearance of the legendary "Ted Bovis" the Dossers have asked George Best to lead their singing in the back bar of Caister in 1991!

Mr Ernest Saunders, former Guiness Chairman and co-organiser of the Leeds Central Group Charity Raffle. has denied there was anything suspicious about the wife of an ex Yorkshire Area Chairman winning the second prize in the Raffle!

Keith Galvin has set a 40's 50's and 60's theme for the Jubilee JAC in 1991, and so has booked all the acts from Caister 1990!

Printed in TYKE Winter 1990

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At Bradford Group's Disco in May 1990 a certain Bradford Group Member who shall remain nameless asked Jonathan Kirkland (TYKE Assistant Editor), "How did you manage to dye your hair that colour?"

Printed in TYKE Winter 1990

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Plus News

TAG '89 (exerpt)
by Phil Lewin

The evening's dances brought to the fore some of the stars of TAG, notably the ahow stopping glamour of the Stockport girls and, above all, the amazimg antics of the Rugby/Hinckley alcoholic fraternity, whose behavior makes them a strong bet to succeed the Dossers.

Printed in Plus News January 1990


On behalf of Hinckley 18 Plus, a group you obviously know nothing about, otherwise you would never have suggested that we are "eventually set to succeed the Dossers". Whether it be in fun or not you are way off the mark, and this suggestion could not be any further from the truth.

The only thing you have to go on is TAG, an event that had only six or seven of our members there. A few things you may like to know are. that when the Dossers are about nobody wants to know them; that wasn't the case with Hinckley at TAG; they were joined by several groups who were there for the same reason as us, to have fun. They were encouraged by the D.J. who thought they were great. They did not offend anyone on purpose; in fact, as 1 said earlier, other groups were only too happy to join in with Hinckley. This situation was not so with the Dossers, they were to be avoided at all costs.

We would also like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about Hinckley 18 Plus. Last year we attended all of the dances in Trent Valley Region, as well as 95% of the dances in our sister Region, Mercia. We have taken part in nearly all of the daytime events in our Region; we took twenty people to Caister, five to TAG, fifteen to Bedford and twenty-three to WASH. We have done charity events for Cystic Fibrosis, a local charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Children in Need and Asthma Research. We have raised around £800 in all.

It takes a lot of time and effort to get a group onto an even keel. We are on an even keel and are proud of ft. We know that we are loud and fairly outgoing group, and the same as any other group, we enjoy a drink, but we were under the impression that 18 Plus was about having fun, and that is what we like to do, but we do not wreck anything at any time, purposely, and we try not to upset anyone, unlike the Dossers.

We are sorry that we cannot write to you and say well done about the article, but as you must realise, we are not at all happy at being categorised as the next Dossers.

PHILLIP WIGHTMAN Chairman, Hinckley 18 Plus

Ed. Oh dear, in trouble again! The offending comment was actually not meant to be an insult, but a fairly light-hearted reference to the way that the small posse of Rugby/Hinckley members got together and consistently yet good-humouredly accosted people like the resident D.J. and Linda Street throughout the weekend (all those at TAG will know what 1 mean), in the time-honoured tradition of the Dossers before. 1 certainly don't think that the comparrison need be taken as an insult, the proportion of Dossers that do go OTT is probably no greater than the (vary, very small) percentage of ordinary members whose behaviour unfortunately gets out of hand from time to time. Apologies to Hinckley if they have interpreted the comments in a derogatory light, hopefully the above puts the record straight!

Printed in Plus News April 1990


I must take issue with Phillip Wightman, Chairman of Hinckley 18 Plus Group over his letter in the April Plus News regarding comparisons between his Group and the Dossers.

For a start, the outdated prejudices against the Dossers are put forward once again: "... when the Dossers are about nobody wants to know them ... the Dossers were avoided at all cost ... we try not to upset anyone, unlike the Dossers ..." etc. I think, Phil that you have it just about right with your views on the Dossers. Secondly, Phillip Wightman has obviously got his facts wrong about the Dossers at TAG '89 as there were only two in attendance! Why do some Groups persist with the notion that they are whiter-than-white when, in fact, this just isn't so? One of the most irresponsible incidents that I've witnessed in my 12 years as an 18 Plus member was an occasion involving a far-from-sober young lady from ... Hinckley Group. Similar incidents occur in just about every Group, but why pretend that these things don't happen?

1 have met several members of Hinckley Group and regard them as a fine bunch of people, but 1 suspect that some, if not most, will be slightly embarrassed by their chairman's remarks.

If Phillip Wightman still thinks that his Group is whiter-than-white, perhaps it's Hinckley who should be avoided at all cost?

ROB WILSON Wharfedale 18 Plus

Ed. Thanks for the letter Rob; now that we've heard both sides of the story, hopefully we can put this whole matter in perspective:

  1. Yes, the odd irresponsible incident does regretfully happen within 18 Plus from time to time, and no particular Group or grouping should be singled out as being any more or less to blame. However 18 Plus is still thankfully immune from the worst excesses of OTT behaviour, compared to your average town centre when the pubs close.
  2. One of the most personally gratifying aspects of 18 Plus is the number of different social groupings represented within the Federation and the different ways in which they participate in its activities. There is certainly a place for Groups such as Hinckley with their raw and honest party spirit (shared by many others within Central Area and beyond). Equally there is also a place for the Dossers, who may have their eccentricities, but are fundamentally harmless. But let's face it, we're all in the same Federation and the last thing we should do is waste our time squabbling about each other. The northl south divide is bad enough!

This correspondence is now closed!

Printed in Plus News November 1990

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A small band of Dossers, (usually seen in large numbers at the WASH weekend), attended the 1996 Easter Holiday at Torquay.

During the evening's entertainment a shrine to the Dosser's founder and spiritual leader Edward Armstrong, or "Ted Bovis" ("The Bovis") was erected topped with a rubber skull - "THE BOVIS SKULL".

The Bovis Skull was "borrowed" on Saturday night, and not seen again until Tuesday morning when the skull was spotted in the back of a car leaving the site.

"The Bovis Skull" is actually the property of John A Smith, from Yorkshire Area, (also known by the Dossers as "The Anti-Christ").

I hope that whoever has "borrowed" the Skull will return it to the Dossers, or myself at this year's WASH weekend. If the Skull is not returned, we will have to assume that it has been stolen.

On the dance floor women will be seen dancing around their handbags, people will be wary of leaving their coats draped over chairs, and 18 Plus will no longer have the trusting and friendly atmosphere that it's members know and love today.

I hope that a genuine mistake has been made, and that the Skull will be returned .

John A Smith
Leeds 18 Plus Group

Printed in Plus News November 1996

The "Bovis Skull" was returned the following year at the 1997 Easter Holiday, Camber Sands, it turned out to be a genuine mistake, thanks to "Stumpy" for returning it.

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To celebrate a dozen years of dossing, here is a poetic tribute to past and present "Dossers".

Bottle of Pils in one hand - in the other, beans and Hovis,
undisputed "Dosser" number one, it's "Ted Bovis".
Diarrhoea tablets, fisherman' mac, he likes to have a caper,
listen for the Barnsley voice and the immortal cry of PAPER!
Number two's from Liverpool, don't give him any hassle,
drinks a lot of cider and likes to shout out CASTLE!
Number six is from Leicester, lamp post height and more,
doesn't use a toilet and likes to doss upon the floor.
Civil War fanatic, face shines like a neon,
Sir Britvic has no number, the "Dosser's" only free 'un.
ZZ Top enthusiast, would frighten off a cannibal,
walks sideways like a penguin, it's Wharfedale's Andy "Animal".
Could be a modern caveman, jeans are patched and baggy,
the Crewe and Nantwich Saxon, the one and only "Shaggy".
Big bad Bill from Richmond likes to headbang, drink and feast
666 Pils in a night, the number of the "Beast".
But there's always one to spoil things, his excuses are so lame,
this person was on National - Dave Turpin is his name.
But who's the mystery "Dosser"? you've all got vacant looks,
he really takes the biscuit for giving Winalot to Bruno Brooks.

Rob Wilson
The Poet Laureate "Dosser" (No 2, retired)

P.S. The future of the "Dossers" lies with the newly appointed Director of Dossing, Johnny X, Councillor Comet Ale Bop (and colleagues).


Printed in Plus News May 1997

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By John A Smith Huddersfield 18 Plus Group

In the not too distant past the WASH weekend was the annual get-together of "The Dossers". Huddersfield member John A Smith, (known to "The Dossers" as "The Anti-Christ") still brings "The Bovis Skull" to the November holiday.

During Friday evening's entertainment "The Bovis Skull" was displayed on a table where Bradford were sitting behind the D.J. it went missing at the end of the night's festivities, and was not seen again.

"I hoped that whoever 'borrowed' the skull would return it the following evening". but this was not to be, on Sunday evening the D.J. made an appeal for the return of the skull, but still no-one came forward to return it, or demand a ransom even.

If the Skull is not returned, we will have to assume that it has been stolen, this will mean that 18 Plus no longer has the trusting and friendly atmosphere that it's members know and love today, and in future women will be seen dancing around their handbags on the edance floor, people will be wary of leaving their coats draped over chairs and their cameras left on tables.

I hope that a genuine mistake has been made, and that 18 Plus can keep it's friendly and trusting character and that the Skull will be returned soon.

Printed in Plus News Spring 2000

A letter sent to Plus News, published Spring 2000 following the "disappearance" of "The Bovis Skull" at the 1999 WASH weekend.

Still not returned!

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Clive Alyve's Centre-Page Guide to
The WASH Weekend

Things to look out for whilst at WASH

Mud - there are aiways large quantities on the caravan site, especially after rain. Sinking past your knees is rare however.

Drunk Plussers in the the gutters - can be very amusing to watch!

The 'Dossers' Elections - the speeches are only understood by those "in the know" so get known!

Your Area Chairman buying you a drink - she wants you to stand for something at the Area Conference!

Ex Wharfedale members on their annual get together! - (Session!)

Ducks - they can wake the dead at 7:00 a.m. so be sure to put bread around your enemy's ccaravan!

Other holidaymakers - a very rare breed in Hunstanton in November!

Printed in ALYVE October 1997 (exerpt)

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