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The Dossers Anti-Christ

The 18 Plus "Dossers" 18 Plus
the Bovis!"
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To celebrate a dozen years of dossing, here is a poetic tribute to past and present "Dossers".

Bottle of Pils in one hand - in the other, beans and Hovis,
undisputed "Dosser" number one, it's "Ted Bovis".
Diarrhoea tablets, fisherman' mac, he likes to have a caper,
listen for the Barnsley voice and the immortal cry of PAPER!
Number two's from Liverpool, don't give him any hassle,
drinks a lot of cider and likes to shout out CASTLE!
Number six is from Leicester, lamp post height and more,
doesn't use a toilet and likes to doss upon the floor.
Civil War fanatic, face shines like a neon,
Sir Britvic has no number, the "Dosser's" only free 'un.
ZZ Top enthusiast, would frighten off a cannibal,
walks sideways like a penguin, it's Wharfedale's Andy "Animal".
Could be a modern caveman, jeans are patched and baggy,
the Crewe and Nantwich Saxon, the one and only "Shaggy".
Big bad Bill from Richmond likes to headbang, drink and feast
666 Pils in a night, the number of the "Beast".
But there's always one to spoil things, his excuses are so lame,
this person was on National - Dave Turpin is his name.
But who's the mystery "Dosser"? you've all got vacant looks,
he really takes the biscuit for giving Winalot to Bruno Brooks.

Rob Wilson
The Poet Laureate "Dosser" (No 2, retired)

P.S. The future of the "Dossers" lies with the newly appointed Director of Dossing, Johnny X, Councillor Comet Ale Bop (and colleagues).


Printed in Plus News May 1997.

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