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John's "PC" Page

This page is about the "PC" computer system I use at home,
it's software, and expansions.
There are also some links to other "PC" Web Pages and Sites.
I have included additional information
about the enjoyment I get out of my "PC".

The Black Cat



My "PC" System

In early 200 I decided to treat myself to a "new" personal computer, I bought a second hand "PC" from my place of work, Kirklees Council.

I'm not a big fan of the Windows operating system, I prefer that of the Amiga. I've been looking for things to do with my "PC".

The main thing I use my "PC" for is editing and updating my Web Site.


  • Intel Celeron 600
  • 10 gigabyte hard disk
  • Booster Speakers
  • Canon scanner
  • Epson 840 inkjet printer


The Canon scanner is one of the best purchases I have made, it's brilliant! I have enjoyed using it more than any other peripheral, just have a look at all the pictures I have done for this Web Site.

Here's some examples:

Canal Boat Trip 1999
The Forbidden Corner




Hot Metal ProI'm not a big "PC" fan, so I don'y expect a busy future for my "PC" but I have found a very good Web Authoring package which I am very pleased with and use constantly,

My next project is probably going to be the setting up of a Network for my three computer systems.

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