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This page contains a list of everything that has happened to these pages since the beginning of September 1997,
starting with the newest item first, so you can get an idea of what has (or, indeed, has not) changed since you last visited.
I hope you find this helpful!


28th June 2001
Created 18 Plus Boat Trip 2001 Page.
15th April 2001
Updated 18 Plus "Dossers" Page to create "Dossers" section with a "Dossers" Index linking to various "Dossers" Pages.
18th March 2001
Added Northern Area 18 Plus News section to Northern Area 18 Plus Page and to each Northern Area 18 Plus Group Page.
7th December 2000
Updated 18 Plus E-mail Discussion List Page.
Added Malvern 18 Plus Page.
6th December 2000
Created iMac and "PC" Pages.
Added Static Menu (see top of browser window), to various pages in "JAS" Pages.
3rd December 2000
Purchased HoTMetaL Pro 6.0 as an upgrade to version 4.0 received free with Practical Internet, issue 40. Began updating Pages using the program.
Updated with HoTMetaL PRO 6.0 Pages updated with HoTMetaL Pro feature the following graphical link at the bottom of the Page. Some updated Pages may not be featured here as the content has remained essentially the same.
(Please Note: The publisher of HoTMetaL Pro seems to have ceased to exist therefor the graphic will be removed).
20th April 2000
Purchased Domain Name from and started to transfer my Web Site to
23rd December 1999
Created Northwich 18 Plus Group at TAG 1999 and WASH 1999 Pages.
20th December 1999
Created 18 Plus Discussion List Page.
26th September 1999
Created Cyrano De Bergerac Page.
15th August 1999
Created 18 Plus Boat Trip 1999 Page.
6th June 1999
Created new Northern Area 18 Plus Groups Framed Pages/Web Sites.
27th May 1999
Created new Oldham 18 Plus Page/Web Site.
22nd May 1999
Created new Huddersfield 18 Plus Framed Page/Web Site.
13th May 1999
Created Northern Area 18 Plus 5 a side Football Competition Page, which includes details of the 1999 event, including the results.
11th April 1999
Created Housing & Health Unit Framed Page, which includes links to the various pages about the Housing and Health Unit.
9th April 1999
Created John's The Saint collection Page, which includes information about my collection of Saint books by Leslie Charteris.
2nd March 1999
Updated My Amiga Page, which now includes information about my Amiga set-up, and created Amiga Mags & Searches Page which has links to various Search Engines and Amiga magazines.
8th Febuary 1999
Created Northwich 18 Plus at WASH '98 Page and WASH '96 Page. I also updated my 18 Plus Events Page to include links to the new WASH Pages.
21st January 1999
Updated Home Page by moving picture and "Navigation Bar" to the top of the Page, (it looked as if there was nothing to see at my Web Site before this alteration).
Created "Navigation Bar" for top and bottom of Pages to make navigating my Web Site a little easier and more logical, (see new navigation bar at the top and the bottom of this page).
17th January 1999
Created National and Northern Area 18 Plus Activities Page and link which automatically links to the current month's Page - Jan / Feb / Mar / Apr / May / Jun / Jul / Aug / Sep / Oct / Nov / Dec
3rd January 1999
Created Rants Pages, a few rants from "Shouters Corner".

Added more links to Amiga links Page. Sorry, this is a framed page.
26th December 1998
Added National 18 Plus Basketball competition 1998 Page, this is linked to and from the 18 Plus events Page.
6th December 1998
Applied for V3-URL to my Home Page.
Updated About John A Smith Pae with a few bits of extra information.
5th December 1998
The JavaScript Investigator Page knows all about you!
Updated Amiga Page by including extra Search Engines. (Please let me know if you use them and they do not work).
1st December 1998
Updated 18 Plus WebRing Page, this is now finally complete and ready to use.
29th November 1998
Added Contact Page which allows visitors to contact me in various ways and Links Page which has a load of links to other sites of interest to me.
21st November 1998
Updated Home Page by adding Guestbook by GuestWorld - Sign My Guestbook or View My Guestbook.
13th November 1998
Updated Home Page by altering orientation of index links.
11th November 1998
Updated "Programme of Events" sections of the 18 Plus Group Pages.
5th November 1998
Created JavaScript Tetris Page.
4th November 1998
Updated various 18 Plus Pages.
Added WebTracker hit counter to Home Page.
25th October 1998
Updated JavaScript test Page. It now shows the name and version of your Browser and the JavaScript versions supported by your Browser.
23rd October 1998
Joined the JavaScript WebRing, I included the HTML "fragment" on the correct Page this time.
17th October 1998
Added 18 Plus WebRing HTML "Selection Box" to various 18 Plus Pages, and updated 18 Plus WebRing Page.
19th September 1998
Updated the 18 Plus War of the Roses Pages.
26th August 1998
Created the National Federation of 18 Plus Groups - Great Britain WebRing and added the 18 Plus WebRing Page containing information about the WebRing and how to join.
Joined the JavaScript WebRing, unfortunately I included the HTML "fragment" on the wrong Page and so was expelled from the WebRing.
9th August 1998
Updated my 18 Plus events Page.
6th to 9th August 1998
Added pictures to various Pages - Housing Health Unit Fun Page - Multimedia at the Housing Health Unit - The Amiga at the Housing Health Unit Page.
26th July 1998
Updated "Programme of Events" sections of the 18 Plus Group Pages. I also added a Northern Area 18 Plus Page.
19th July 1998
Created "JavaScript Calendar" Page which can be loaded from John's JavaScript Page, this is a Script from the JavaScript Archive.
14th July 1998
Added "Rainbow Text" to the "Even More JavaScript" Page, this is a Script by Michael P Scholtis, and can be accessed through John's JavaScript Page.
10th July 1998
Created John's JavaScript Page, this is a Framed Page which links together all my JavaScript Pages.
9th July 1998
Created John's 18 Plus Events Page, details were transferred from John's 18 Plus Page leaving general 18 Plus information only on the Page. New photographs have also been added to both of these two pages.
1st to 8th July 1998
Created Even more JavaScript Stuff Page which has a couple of features only accessable or visible with a JavaScript enabled Browser, also created JavaScript Slide Show Page, which shows a different picture each time it is loaded. Two Random JavaScript examles Pages were also created. JavaScript random examples ONE - JavaScript random examples TWO
Added random JavaScript Link to Home Page with tables and generally tidied up the Page.
Updated Committee posts section of John's 18 Plus page.

Slightly updated the text and graphics of various pages.
26th to 29th June 1998
Created More JavaScript Page, which includes a rotating Banner which, I added to the pages referred to.
Slightly modified various Pages.
25th June 1998
Created John's Service at the Housing and Health Unit Page, a brief History of the Centre at Aspley, and my part in it.
22nd June 1998
Changed JavaScript Index Page to JavaScript related Web Site list, rather than a list to my own Web Pages.
19th to 21st June 1998
Created North West 18 Plus Group Pages, Yorkshire and North West Region Pages and additional War of the Roses Pages.
12th to 14th June 1998
Overhauled the complete site, added new Home Page showing picture of myself as the "Dossers Anti-Christ". Gave each of the four sections; About John A Smith, A fun page about John's place of work, John A Smith's Amiga page, John's 18 Plus page it's own "Look".
11th June 1998
Created What's New Page, and also an "About" Page to be accessed using JavaScript.
9th June 1998
Created new C.V. framed page.
3rd June 1998
Received my brand new copy of AWeb from Blittersoft, previously used a Demo version.
June 1998
Slight update to my home page added link to Javascript Index Page.
Added some more links to Amiga links page.
Added background music to Home Page.
Added counter to home page.
Added new graphic to Huddersfield 18 Plus page.
30th May 1998
Created Javascript Index Page which features lots of Javascript examples and effects that I like. If you like an effect, then download the page, load it into a Text Editor and copy the appropriate code to your pages.
25th May 1998
Added photographs to "The Dossers" page, "the Dossers" WASH page and the Housing Health Unit fun page.
24th May 1998
Created Anvil Web Design page.
May 1998
Fixed a slight bug in the 18 Plus enquiry form Page which meant no-one could actually submit a form!
Updated About John A Smith Page by adding an Index Table. I also updated some of the information.
Updated the Housing Health Unit Page by making it a Fun Page rather than an "Official Page"
Updated the 18 Plus War of the Roses 1997 page, by including Plus News article.
Created a page for each 18 Plus Group in the Yorkshire Area. Bradford 18 Plus,Doncaster 18 Plus, Grimsby Cleethorpes 18 Plus, Huddersfield 18 Plus, Leeds 18 Plus and Rothwell 18 Plus
24th April 1998
Created Huddersfield 18 Plus and Leeds 18 Plus pages, these were originally downloaded to the National Federation of 18 Plus Groups Web Site.
April 1998
Created War of the Roses 1997 Page.
Added search engines to my Amiga Page.
March 1998
Updated About John A Smith Page by adding extra information.
February 1998
Updated About John A Smith Page by adding extra information.
January 1998
Added search engines to my Index Page.
Updated About John A Smith Page by adding extra information.
December 1997
Added ALYVE Magazine article.
November 1997
Updated some links on my Amiga Links Page.
Updated some links in my Index Page.
3rd October 1997
Created and updated the Housing Health Unit, Housing Health Unit Services, The Amiga at the Housing Health Unit and Multimedia at the Housing Health Unit pages. The Housing Health Unit Services Page was modified on June 25th 1998 to show a Service History, rather than a run-down of Services provided.
14th September 1997
Created Index page.
September 1997
Created my own 18 Plus Page page.
Created the Housing Health Unit and the Multimedia at the Housing Health Unit Pages. (These were serious pages to start with).
Added a C.V. Page. (No frames at this time).
Created my Amiga set-up Page.
Created my first pages - Home Page and About John A Smith Page.

Well there you are, a potted history of my Web Site.
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