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Trafic lights, what are they for???

No parking signs and markings, what are they for???

Speed limits, what are they for???


Good, safe road users make the roads safer for themselves and for the bad unsafe road users!

How many times have you heard someone say that it's not safe to go for a walk in the streets? - quite often I should think.

Until relatively recently the lack of safety in the streets was due to the possibility of being attacked by thieves, (called "Muggers" by other thieves and now by other people as well).

Now there is a new danger in the streets - cyclists!

This was started by a few aggressive individuals, but now as escalated to become almost the norm among cyclists.

I am a cyclist, I never cycle on places meant for pedestrians, (that's people walking!), because it's dangerous for them, OBVIOUSLY!.

Here`s an article from RNIB News on the subject of travel safety for blind and visually impaired people;

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