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I'm assuming that my web site is not that interesting, that's why I have included lots of links to other sites, and search engines.

If you do find my web site entertaining, or not, please let me know, alternatively if you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements I would be very glad to hear from you.

My E-mail address is

Search Engines

If there is a specific file you're after? You can now search the Aminet archives from this site. Again, clicking on the Logo will take you to the main Aminet site.

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Quack! Links

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Here are some links to Amiga Magazines past and present.

Amiga Format

Future Publishing magazines

Up until recently I collected only Amiga Format with it's own unique character.

The magazine provides a "free" CD which is full of freely distributable software, updates, and web pages, (the web pages section is good as it can save you going on line).

Ben Vost's homepage The deputy editor of Amiga Format magazine.

Amiga Active magazine

I also subscribe to the new Amiga Active Magazine, another magazine with a unique character. They seem to be very forward looking at the moment, their cover CD is even set up for use with WorkBench 3.5.


CUAmiga magazine is unfortunately no longer published but it still has a Web Site which is worth visiting.


Amiga User International Magazine

Another Amiga Magazine that is no longer published,

Online Magazines

  • CheckAmiga Report Legendary free electronic magazine in Amiga Guide form
  • CheckThe Lair Comprehensive online Amiga magazine, essential visit
  • CheckPure Amiga Very professional online Amiga magazine.

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