Results 2002


The Northern Area
Ten Pin Bowling


L A Bowl

SUNDAY September 8th 2002 2:30 p.m.


A Northern Area 18 Plus event
organised by John A Smith Tel 01484 658830

£33-00 per team of four players, (with at least one team member of each sex).
Registration 2.30 P.M.

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Northern Area 18 Plus Ten Pin Bowling Competition 2002

This was the event they had all been waiting for, the Northern Area 18 Plus Ten Pin Bowling Competition 2002. All Northern Area 18 Plus and Quest Groups were invited to enter.

The event took place on Sunday 8th September 2002, 2:30 for 3:00 p.m. start. The venue was L A Bowl, Sweet Street, Leeds, in the Yorkshire 18 Plus Region.

Teams came from the farthest edges of the Northern Area, Northwich in the West and from Grimsby & Cleethorpes in the East.

Mixed teams of four were entered, Groups could enter as many teams as they wished, Northwich and Rothwell took advantage of this entering three and two teams respectively.

The competition was fearce with Northwich 18 Plus Group`s A team emerging the victor, a presentation was held in the bar after all the games had been completed.

John A Smith
Northern Area 18 Plus

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Results 2001

A Trophy and Certificate was awarded to the highest scoring team, the highest scoring male & female players were awarded Certificates as was the lowest scoring team by event organiser John A Smith.


At the Linda Street Trophy
2nd Round (Sunday 9th Sep).

Ah, the sound of ball on willow - OK, ball on pin. When it comes to 18 Plus, 10-Pin Bowling has always been a big draw, so a good turnout was expected at the LA Bowl in Leeds, and the organisers weren't disappointed; a total of thirty-one players from five Groups arrived to do battle: three teams from Northwich, two from Rothwell, and one each from Bradford, Leeds and, making their first appearance since formation, Lincs Quest (with ¾ of their 2001 National Championship-winning team).

The format was to standard 18 Plus rules: two games, team title awarded on total score, individual titles based on best game, females getting a thirty-point handicap.

Once the teams arrived, a couple of minor problems cropped up - there were only seven lanes available, so Northwich took two lanes and split the 'C' Team between them to play as two lanes of six, while Leeds only had three players, so doubled up as a 'ghost player' to make a 'complete' team.

Game 1

The opening game saw a titanic four-way battle between Lincs Quest (as expected), Northwich 'A' and 'B' and three-man Leeds; Lincs were not helped when 'gremlins' hit mid-way through their game and their lane stuck for a while, throwing them out of their rhythm.

Northwich 'B' and Leeds were scoring constantly, with their whole teams getting over 100 points, while Lincs Quest and Northwich 'A' relied on high-scoring individuals to reach their totals; meanwhile, Northwich 'C' had a steady-scoring game, while Bradford and the two Rothwell teams scrapped to avoid being last: Rothwell 'B' somehow ended up with the dubious honour despite getting more strikes than Bradford and Rothwell 'A' combined:-

Half-Time Scores

Team -

1st Northwich 'A' 536
2nd Lincs Quest 509
3rd Northwich 'B' 493

Male -

1st Phil (N'wich 'A') 168 2nd Steve (N'wich 'A') 159
3rd Chris (N'wich 'B') 156

Female -

1st Irene (Lincs Q) 147
2nd Lis (Lincs Q) 138
3rd Karen (R'well 'A') 127

Game 2

It was vital that Lincs Quest got off to a good start to make up ground on Northwich 'A', which they did with a vengeance…..until the wheels fell off their game, or rather off their lane. It broke down completely, so they had to wait for Bradford next door to finish their game, and then take over their lane. Despite this, they were still able to increase their score by 48 points: good but not quite enough, as Northwich 'A' increased theirs by 40, with all four players breaking the 100-point barrier.

The big gainers were Northwich 'C' (up 65 points) and Rothwell 'B' (up a massive 94), while Leeds and Northwich 'B' ran out of steam somewhat and slipped back, Bradford improved their score but not their overall position, and Rothwell 'A' had a disaster, scoring only one strike between them.

Full-Time Scores

Team -

1st Northwich 'A' 1,112
2nd Lincs Quest 1,066
3rd Northwich 'B' 954
4th Leeds 891
5th Northwich 'C' 867
6th Rothwell 'B' 788
7th Bradford 736
8th Rothwell 'A' 703

Male -

1st Geoff (Lincs Q) 182
2nd Phil (N'wich 'A') 168
3rd Karl (N'wich 'A') 160

Female -

1st Angela (R'well) 163
2nd Lis (Lincs Q) 152
3rd Irene (Lincs Q) 147

and a special mention to :-
Male (last) - Howard (R'well 'A') 74
Female (last) - Janet (B'ford) 101

Printed in Northern Lights November/December 2002

Northern Area 18 Plus Ten Pin Bowling Competition 2001
National 18 Plus Ten Pin Bowling Competition 2001

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This page was compiled by John A Smith on 15 August 2002

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