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War of the Roses 1999

Poster 1999

Sunday 12th September 1999

The War of the Roses is an annual competition formerly between the North West and Yorkshire Areas. Now that the two Areas have been amalgamated to form the new Northern Area the competitioon is held between the two Regions.

Each year the War of the Roses has a theme which is used for the competition in the day and for the evening event.

The year's theme for 1999 was suggested at the Open Forum in February - "The Millenium". The idea is that each game will have a millenium flavour featuring The Millenium Bug, the Millenium Dome, the British Empire, 1066 etc.

Games suggested included Chapaign bottle skittles, Famous faces of the past 1000 years

It was also suggested that each Group have a Mascot or Joker, (a member in fancy dress), the Joker will be played at one of the games to give his/her team double points.

North West Co-ordinator - Linda Street
Yorkshire Co-ordinator - John A Smith

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War of the Roses
is a joint North West Region and Yorkshire Region 18 Plus Event

This page was compiled by John A Smith on 21 June 1998