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War of the Roses 2000
Battle of the Brains

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Sunday 10th September 2000

Yes folks, it's that time of year again! when the Red Rose meets the White Rose, the competition of the year, the North-West v Yorkshire War of the Roses.

The War of the Roses is an annual competition formerly between the North West and Yorkshire Areas. Now that the two Areas have been amalgamated to form the new Northern Area the competitioon is held between the two Regions.

The theme for War of the Roses 2000, suggested by Russell Jones, Area Treasurer 1999/2000. is "Battle of the Brains". In previous year's the War of the Roses has been a physical competition, but this year the brains of 18 Plus in the North will be put to the test, which Region will have the brightest brains, North-West or Yorkshire?.

The event takes place on Sunday 10th of September 2000. The indoor venue for this year's Competition is The Royal Oak, Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, (the same venue as the Huddersfield 18 Plus Five a side Football Disco 2000).

The entry fee for the Competition is £10.00 per Team, and Groups may enter as many mixed sex Teams as they wish,

If anyone wishes to volunteer to help out on the day, then we would be glad to hear from you. Any extra members will be welcome to make up a "scratch" Team or supplement a depleted Team.

The Royal Oak, Thongsbridge, Holmfirth

The Royal Oak stands at the heart of Thongsbridge, a typical South Pennines village crammed between the narrow confines of the Holme Valley, a jumble of cottages and mills in the heart of 'Last of the Summer Wine' Country.

The village grew during the early days of the Industrial Revolution as these narrow valleys were ideal to provide water-power for the textile mills. The village of Thongsbridge, whose unusual name is derived from the old word fora strip of land or a 'thong', was first mentioned in the early 13th century when this strip of land (or more correctly the surrounding estate) was in the ownership of a local family called Bisset. This is how it stayed for over 500 years with the estate passing into the hands of different families until the early 18th century and the onset of industrialisation.

The Royal Oak dates from 1780, although there was probably an earlier inn on the site as it stands at the junction of once important trading routes along the valley. The first landlord was William Bray, whose family ran the inn until 1855. Williarn's main occupation was that of clothier and he supplemented his income by brewing and selling ale to travellers and textile workers. These textile merchants would also use the inn as a sort of 'piece hall' where they could sell their wares - the manufacturing of cloth was still very much a cottage industry. Things were to change at a rapid rate through the 19th century with the development of turnpike roads, construction of larger mills, introduction of machinery, the arrival of the railways and steam power.

In the days before trade unions and safety inspectors, accidents were common and perhaps even an accepted risk. The reality of such lax safety standards struck home when in 1852 a mill dam breached its wall and thundered down the valley claiming over 80 lives. In days-of-old many inns were also used as the local mortuary as the cool cellars were ideal to store bodies. Sadly, five of the bodies from this terrible flood were brought to the Royal Oak for identification.

Those early clothiers and textile merchants would not recognise the Royal Oak of today for it caters for our modern needs with function rooms, conference facilities and dining rooms as well as a traditional bar serving well-kept Black Sheep ales and an excellent menu.

The Royal Oak

Yorkshire Co-ordinator - John A Smith

Games Venue - The Royal Oak Huddersfield Road Holmfirth near Huddersfield

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War of the Roses
is a joint North West Region and Yorkshire Region 18 Plus Event

This page was compiled by John A Smith on 13 August 2000