Bargain Break

Fri 9 Sat 10 Sun 11 September 2005

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Meet up at The Goose

Meet up at The Goose

Curry Night

Curry Night



Karting drivers

Dinner at The Dubrovnik

Dinner at The Dubrovnik

Dinner at The Dubrovnik

Dinner at The Dubrovnik



Karting 2001


National Film and
Photography museum



The first weekend in September saw the Areas National event, the Bradford Bargain Break which included the National Go-karting competition – well done to this year’s winner Richard Morton. I’d also like to thank Janet Rintoul as the main organizer of the event; we’ve had lots of compliments for an enjoyable weekend.

Northern Area 18 Plus is considering organising this National 18 Plus weekend in 2006. It has been suggested that this event be organized by a special sub-committee, any volunteers or ideas would be gratefully received.

  • Three course meal, dance and overnight bed & breakfast in a three star hotel - £50
  • Optional Friday night stay - £25.00
  • Optional Karting on Saturday - £37.50
  • Optional Treasure Hunt on Sunday - free, £1 per person if not at Dinner Dance
  • Optional Curry Night on Friday
  • Meal & Dance Ticket only (no accommodation) - £16.00
  • Other attractions -

Bradford Bargain Break

Friday September 9th

  • Curry Night - 7pm at The Goose pub opposite the Town Hall
  • Optional night at the Corn Mill Lodge hotel

Saturday September 10th

  • 8-9.30pm Breakfast for those staying in the hotel. It is a buffet style service
  • 3.00pm Mini-bus leaves Corn Mill Lodge hotel to go to Pole Position Karting
  • National 18 Plus Karting Competition - 3.30pm at Pole Position Karting
  • 6.15pm-6.30pm Minibus and Bradford 18 Plus members cars leave the Corn Mill Lodge hotel for the Dubrovnic hotel for Dinner Dance
  • 7pm Dinner dance at the Dubrovnik Hotel
  • 8.30pm Dance only members arrive at the Wine bar, Dubrovnic hotel. Entrance from lower car park.
  • 12.30pm Music stops. The bar closes when we stop drinking
  • Optional night at the Corn Mill Lodge hotel

Sunday September 11th

  • 8-9.30am Breakfast for those staying in the hotel. It is a buffet style service
  • Treasure Hunt - 12,00noon at the National Film and Photography museum
  • 3.00pm (fluid) After the treasure hunt teams will meet in Jacobs Well pub then elsewhere for food


The Dubrovnik hotel was the venue for the Dinner Dance on Saturday evening, it is a family run three star hotel. The hotel is lovely, the waiters are very efficient and the food is excellent.

The hotel for overnight accommodation was The Corn Mill Lodge, Pudsey Road, Bramley, Leeds LS13 4JA. Telephone number 0113 257 9059.

The venue for Saturday night was the Wine Bar of the Dubrovnik hotel which was exclusive to 18 Plus, the bar was open as long as we were drinking, as we were hotel guests so the atmosphere was brilliant.

The dress code for the Dinner Dance was smart, shirt and tie. Not black tie but close enough. We wanted people to dress up.

National 18 Plus Karting Championship 2005

On Saturday afternoon there was the National 18 Plus Karting competition. Unfortunately the karting finish late so those people only had a short time to get ready for the Dinner Dance.

National 18 Plus Karting Championship 2005
1st Richard Morton So'ton Friends
2nd Adrian Barnard Didcot 18 Plus
3rd Richard Yeo Andover 18 Plus
4th Huw Morris Oxford 18 Plus
5th Jeff Rea Hillingdon 18 Plus
6th Iain Parkes Solihull 18 Plus
7th John A Smith Leeds 18 Plus


Karting 2001

Treasure Hunt

On Sunday there was a free Treasure Hunt for those who attended the Dinner Dance, £1 entry fee per member otherwise.

Bob, Claire and Mike had the funniest answer to why does a man appear to ride to Norfolk? - Because he is eating chocolate ants on a carpet. Coventry Group less some of their members who preferred to have a coffee were 41 minutes later than their nearest rival!

Treasure Hunt
1st Peter, Ralph & Huw 42/42 Oxford 18 Plus
2nd Tracey + 40/42 Kings Lynn + 1
3rd Adrian, Tina & Richard 39/42 Mission Impossible
4th John, Glen & Elaine 39/42 Leeds 18 Plus
5th James, Steve D, Jo Miller, Steven S & Alina 38/42 Bradford 18 Plus
6th   38/42 Coventry 18 Plus
7th Bob, Claire & Mike 35/42 Bradford 18 Plus
8th   30/42 Solihull 18 Plus


An additional outing was arranged. Due to requests at SaDY about the possiblity of going for a curry on Friday evening. Around 7pm a group of Plussers went for a curry in Bradford city centre. The party was met in The Goose Pub by Claire Jones, Bradford 18 Plus who arranged this.

For those not participating in the Karting or Treasure Hunt starting at 2.00pm on Saturday and Sunday there were guided tours of Saltaire with the general public which members joined for £2.50 and they lasted about one hour. Throughout the weekend Saltaire is having a festival with many street stalls and entertainment.

Janet Rintoul & Northern Area 18 Plus

Bradford Bargain Break - poem

It didn't matter, how we got there
by car or coach or plane...
loads of 18 Plussers
had Bradford on their brain

came up to have a curry
and a late night drink or two
a weekend of no worry
no time to feel blue...

Stayed over at a friends pad
the sofa bed of course!
breakfast baps made us glad
on Sunday we learnt Morse...

a few laps around the track
and a black flag around a bend
excitement we did not lack
with a celebration at the end

told to dress up very smartly
for some tasty grub and wine
and then we had a party
this weekend was going fine!

dancing without a single care
A night cap to finish the day
late night chats about eye hair
now, time to hit the hay!

a full English breakfast
started the day off best
determined not to come last
some questions we just guessed!

a few hours hunting for clues
going from 5 to 3 to 2's
handed paper in without boos
sat down to admire the views

didn't come first (answers didn't fit)
but every weekend comes to an end...
now time to tell everyone about it!
just press button and send...

Iain Parkes
Banbury 18 Plus



Jo Miller - Havering 18 Plus Thanks to all involved for a great weekend at the Bradford Bargain Break . In particular thanks to Alison and Robert for their kind hospitality. This was a great way to get to meet a few new and old faces and get to know them all a bit better. Arriving at 12.30pm on Friday night was greeted by Robert, Alison and Tracey and found a bar open to 2pm. Saturday morning spent vegging and shopping in Leeds. I enjoyed the dinner-dance in particular the last dance with Biggles (sorry Dot!). The treasure hunt around the Museum of Film, Photography and Television in particular was a lot of fun and a great way of mixing and socialising. Finally a late lunch in Wetherspoons before dashing off home to get back before midnight! Well done and hope its on next year. Elaine Anderson - Leeds 18 Plus Myself, Glen and the Duck would also like to extend our thanks for the great weekend. Although I would like to kick Rob for making us go through the kiddie section of the museum (screaming kids after only a few hours sleep, I think I may become celibate!). Special thanks must go to everyone that rallied (pun intended) around giving lifts between the hotels and the museum. You will be pleased to know that the Duck will be going to a good home in Brighton to be looked after by our two year old niece. Richard Morton - So'ton Friends We're just back from the Bradford Bargain Break and I just want to thank Janet and her team for organising a great event. It was well organised, the accomodation, which for a hotel was very low-cost, was really quite nice, great food on the Friday night, which surprised even the organisers by being included, was really very, very nice. The Saturday morning was filled by shopping (or sleeping in my case), and the early afternoon by a museum (or watching the F1 qualifying in my case - (sorry was a tad off-colour)... I made it out of bed for the Karting though.... Saturday night saw nice food at a different hotel followed by a party which went on 'til the early hours. Then a Treasure Hunt on the Sunday. all in all a great weekend, those that didn't come, you missed a good weekend... Thanks.
Venita Olayemi - Coventry 18 Plus Would just like to add my thanks to Janet and team for organising a good weekend! Although the drive up was horrendous (company in car lessened the chore) and driving around Bradford is even more confusing than Coventry, the chance to dress up a little, enjoy lots of red wine and chill with friends (and new ones made) was fab! Other quick thank you's go to:
  1. Hugh for giving me depressing Albion news at 2:30am on Sunday morning
  2. Ralph for surviving sharing a table with us
  3. Jo for being her wonderful self
  4. Tracy for appreciating my quick wit
  5. Adam for sharing the weekend memories on the drive home

Although the hotel bar was closed on our arrival back from the meal / dance, you should appreciate the efforts made of your fellow 18 Plusers as alochol was obtained and hence the night continued on! If you enjoy the idea of dressing up for a Plus do and can't wait for the ANC 2006 (yes of course their will be one! somehow) then this weekend will be for you. (the NOT so called Mother Hen - Mr Morton)
Kathy [and Mark] Solihull 18 Plus Big Thanks go to Janet and Co for organising a great weekend. Especially the Treasure Hunt in the National Museum of Photography Film & Television. Lots to see and not much time to see it all and read what you want to before the quiz finished, so after we had a bite to eat at the local Wetherspoons [Sunday Roast, excellent value for money for the amount of food you got] we went back to visit the last areas we hadnt finished looking at. Pressed a 1p coin, [to add to my collection]. Was a slight shame about the Dubrovnik hotel cocking up the taxi's [they said they would order for us]. Thought the Corn Mill Lodge Hotel was a great venue anyway. It was great blowing bubbles too. Thanks again for a great weekend.  

This page was compiled by John A Smith on 8 February 2005