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62nd Annual National Conference

15 - 16 March 2003
Britannia Hotel, Fairfax Street, Coventry

ANC 2003 - Job Done!

This year's ANC in Coventry was one of the biggest in years - the results of the National Restructuring Forum were under the spotlight, and with them the possible future shape of the National Federation.

After two days and a lot of weighty (and passionate) discussion, the NRF's proposals were accepted with one exception (changing the Federation's name). Overall it was a massive success for all concerned.

Excerpt from "Northern Lights" April/May 2003

ANC 2003 report


It’s OK for delegates – they only have to roll up Saturday Morning: not us Area Chairman, oh no. We have to be there on Friday, and so it is that Bekki, Martin Berry (Midland) and myself are the first to arrive at the Britannia Hotel mid­afternoon following a very long drive down. After decanting our belongings into our rooms, it’s off for a shopping expedition (sweets, alcohol etc – the top table’s no fun without some sweets!).

Fully laden, we return to meet the Office staff and ANC committee, who rope me into preparing the Delegate Packs, including making the badges with a piece of equipment almost as old as the Federation. We get there eventually, only braking one Swiss Army Knife in the process. By now the pull of food is too great, so a small gang of us set forth to enjoy the delights of the local Weatherspoons (great chilli) before coming back for social drinks (by now, a fair few have arrived), finally retiring about 12:30am.

Saturday breaks clear and sunny, but no rest for us – breakfast, a pre-ANC NEC meeting, the first chance for the entire top table to get together and discuss the weekend, and then lunch with the Deputy Mayor. I know what you’re thinking – dull. . . wrong! He’s a really interesting fellow (from Barnsley) and we have a very pleasant meal discussing, well, everything. And then into the Conference Room and away we go.

After all the dry stuff (addresses etc) and election of tellers (thanks John), the fun starts when we decide to muck the agenda about. Put a simple proposal first, we think, that no-one will argue about – boy, are we wrong! After TWO amendments (thanks Solihull and Thurrock) it finally passes

For 44 (89.8%),           Against 2 (4.1%),       Abstain 3 (6.1%),

and we’re thinking we’re going to be here until Tuesday at this rate! Still, we have to go for it, so it’s the biggie up next – the Membership Structure, and surprise, surprise, after some very spirited debate, there’s no amendments and a straight vote – and it passes

For 42 (84%)               Against 5 (10%)          Abstain 3 (6%).

Next up is the name change – again, an extremely lively debate (Banbury’s speech against the motion is both impassioned and well-thought), but when the vote comes, a bit of a surprise -

For 27 (55.1%)            Against 21 (42.9%) Abstain 1 (2%),

the majority in favour, but it still fails – that’s democracy in action. The other motions are less problematical, although the debate on local references in Group names only passes after an amendment and some confusion

For 41 (83.7%)            Against 6 (12.8%) Abstain 0,

deleting the 15-mile limit for Direct Membership also passes after some strong debate

For 40 (81.6%)            Against 7 (14.3%) Abstain 2 (4.1%),

the voting in of National Officers at ANCs goes through quite easily

For 42 (85.7%)            Against 4 (8.2%)         Abstain 3 (6.1%),

and then it’s me – luckily, no one can tell how nervous I am as I speak about including National Officers on the NEC. It doesn’t seem to matter as it passes (almost too easily)

For 48 (98%)               Against 0                   Abstain 1 (2%).

Saturday Night, and we can finally relax, put our glad rags on, and enjoy the fruits of our success, along with a really excellent Dinner (the food is much better than previous years) before everyone begins the serious business of, well, drinking, while the Area Chairmen try to extract money off everyone for the Raffle, and Dot and Tina go collecting for Comic Relief (raising a serious load of money). The Disco goes on till 2am, the drinking (at £1.25 a pint) goes on till the bar shuts, and Bekki and I retire about 3am to recover.

Sunday is grey and misty, though for others it’s blurred and peppered with, “What happened?”, “How much did I drink?”, and for one Area Chairman, “This isn’t my bedroom” (note – not me!). Breakfast for many is leisurely, with Rice Crispies NOT on the menu. We eventually get under way with a lengthy discussion on Risk Assessments, and debates on one member one vote, buying a B&B, and terms of office. Bekki is then re-elected for a second term as National Chairman (who are the two votes against?) before the trophies are given out. I already know Rothwell have the Charities Trophy, so imagine my immense surprise when Northwich get the Gold Trail Trophy – two trophies after not even getting a mention last year! And yes, North Thames and Chiltern do get an Ice Bucket for Best Area, as the actual trophy is in someone’s hall in deepest Essex.

And that’s about it – for the delegates at least, as the ANC closes and everyone makes their ways home. For me, it’s sitting in on the Midland Area AEC Meeting (yes, straight after the ANC, that’s keen) while Bekki deals with a Midland Area matter. A McDonalds eventually follows this, before dropping Martin back in Halesowen, and then it’s the small matter of back up the M6 for us. Do you know what time we make it to Northwich? 12.30am, and I’m working Monday morning – still, no rest for the wicked!

Excerpt from "Northern Lights" April/May 2003

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The Britannia Hotel is situated in the middle of Coventry, next to the Cathedral. The hotel has excellent conference facilities and is well used to hosting events such as our ANC. The hotel has 190 en-suite rooms.

There's plenty to do in Coventry to occupy your time before the Conference starts. Both the Cathedral and the National Motor Museum are within easy reach, as are the shops! For the more energetic, the sports centre is next door, offering swimming, badminton, squash and a gym. Within easy travelling distance are Cadbury World and Warwick Castle.

Britannia Hotel, CoventryBritannia Hotel, Coventry

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General Business

  • Start 1:30 p.m. Saturday
  • Presidential Address
  • Acceptance of Minutes of 2002 Annual National Conference
  • Presentation and Acceptance of Federation's Report for 2002
  • Presentation and Acceptance of Federation's Accounts for year ending 31 December 2002
  • Acceptance of the Report of the Accountants
  • Motions tabled for debate
  • Facility for National Debate
  • Presentation of Trophies
  • Election of National Chairman for term commencing Monday 8th May 2000 and election of Honorary Senior Officials
  • Any other urgent business consistent with the National Constitution as may be accepted through the Chairman

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Facility for National Debate

The National Facility for Debate allows for a wide range of topics to be discussed.

A minimum of one hour will be set aside during the Conference to discuss topics of National importance which have not been submitted as motions. Full and associate members (including the N.E.C.) may introduce topics, which must be notified to the Honorary General Secretary in advance of the debate. No single topic will last longer than thirty minutes and no single speaker will address the Conference for longer than five minutes. Each speaker may only raise a maximum of two topics.

The topics can be an 18 Plus issue or idea that your Group has. You may feel that you would like to get the Federation's opinion, which could lead to a motion the following year.

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On Saturday evening following pre-dinner drinks in the Cavendish Suite the Dinner Dance took place, starting at 7:30pm for dinner, the dance started at 9:00pm and Finished at 2:00am in the Connaught Suite.

The entertainment was provided by 'Dr Octopus' who are a good fun time band and played lots of commercial stuff.

The theme for 2003 was 'Diamonds Are Forever'. Everyone dressed up as their favourite Bond character and there will be prizes for the best dressed man and woman.

Leeds members & Banbury member

Leeds Chairman & Delegate

Rothwell Delegates

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Trophies & Awards

The winners of the trophies awarded this year were:

  • President's Trophy (Best Group in Federation): Barking & Dagenham.
  • Cobb Dual Purpose Two Pint Jug Mug (Best Area in Federation): North Thames & Chilterns Area.
  • Charities Trophy: Rothwell
  • Gold Trail Trophy (Most novel way of charity fundrasing): Northwich
  • Recruitment Trophy: West Kent
  • Charles Padgham Training Trophy: Midland Area
  • Norbury Trophy (Best Newsletter): Banbury Bulletin.
  • Linda Street 'Spirit of 18 Plus' Award: Iain Parkes.
  • Excellence Award: Simon Bunker


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Northwich 18 Plus won the Gold Trail Trophy for most unusual fund-raising event.

Honourary General Secretary Donna Black presents the Trophy to Chris Brandon and Pete Hurley.

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Rothwell 18 Plus won the Charities Trophy by raising the most for Charity.

Rothwell 18 Plus Chair Karen Chaplin recieves the Trophy from National Finance Officer Tony Burgess.

Rothwell & Leeds Charity Walk

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Former North-West Area Chairman and National Activities Officer was awarded a Honourary Lift Membership.

"Well thank you all for this great honour being elected a HLM (old git) it was so nice".


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2003 ANC Committee

Chairman: Jo Woodhead
Officers: Sandra Cawthra
  Andy Deeley
  Carolyn Edwards
  Mark Hewson

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