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The idea of the weekend is to equip members with the skills to organise, plan, market and manage events and the organisation. These are the same skills that an individual needs to run a commercial business or be part of a team contributing to an organisation.

This event is designed for you the member, equipping you with the skills needed to enhance your career, build your curriculum vitae, minimise the pain and maximise the opportunities for success in making things happen.

From the Plus point of view, we are passing on the experience and skills needed to run the organisation at any level. In times when membership is reduced, when we have problems, filling committee posts and running projects, this is an opportunity to discover if you have the "RIGHT STUFF" and what is needed to positively contribute.

The topics covered will be

  • Publicity and Marketing
  • Activities
  • Event Safety
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership Skills
  • Project Management
  • Planning
  • Delegation
  • Team Skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Communication
  • Presentation Skills

The participant can pick and choose the topics they wish to participate in. We will be bringing together a cast of professional and experienced trainers in one location. They are all experienced Plussers with a detailed knowledge of the organisation to share and a willingness to excite you with opportunities.

We will use a mixture of delivery techniques to make your participation interesting, fun and challenging.

As part of the training process, we would seek to induct novice trainers from the membership to deliver and present modules .In this way we will encourage interest in the organisation and delivery of training to group members throughout the organisation. The outcome being to raise the morale of the organisation through membership being more robust to face challenges of running the organisation and making commitment.

Formal training is not occurring where it is most needed at group level due to the fact those with the skills to facilitate training are not in the right place and being lost. Bringing trainers and potential group committee members together in one place will alleviate this issue and give confidence to trainees to assume responsibility and commitment within the organisation.

Location; Alsager Campus, Crewe and Alsager Faculty, Manchester Metropolitan University, Hassall Road, Alsager, Stoke on Trent ST7 2HL

Please note this is located in North Staffordshire near Crewe and the M6. In commercial terms such an event would cost £60,000 to deliver. However the event is heavily subsidised.

We are also having a Harvest Barn Dance from eight till late in the Student Bar cost £4.00 on 6th September 2003 .

Francis Wallington


National 18 Plus Learning Event 2004



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