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On Saturday 28 November 1998, a fairly miserable day weather wise. tha plan was for myself, Jonathan Rowland and Andy Johnson, two Leeds 18 Plus members to join Bradford 18 Plus members Cath Overend, Phil Bettis and Ellie & Russel Jones and family at the National 18 Plus Basketball competition in Leicester.

After a short train journey from Huddersfield I met up with Jonathan and Andy in Leeds. Andy was driving with Jonathan navigating.

We made our way to Leicester, and Enderby with no problem, but when we arrived at Enderby, Jonathan asked for directions to the Leisure Centre, then as soon as he got back in the car heforgot them. We did manage to find our way and arrived more or less on time, however there was a short delay before the competition started.

Our first game was against the Wimbledon 18 Plus team, they played quite well and beat us quite convincingly, though they were less than gracious about shaking hands at the end of the game.

We decided to adopt a new strategy and so fared better in our second game against the Solihul 18 Plus team. We beat them very convincingly, and two of their members went home because they were losing, their own Team members were as appalled as everyone else as they were left short handed.

Using the same strategy we next took on a scratch team made up of various members including three fellow Northern Area members Linda Street, Dave Orsler and Sandra Bradshaw.

The last team we played were named "Highwell", they were a joint Team of High Wycombe and Wellingborough 18 Plus members, and we lost to them.

At least we were the highest scoring Northern Team who entered the competition.

After the competition the Northern contingent went for a pub meal at a nearby hostelry which took some finding, but it was worth it as we had a really good meal.

The evening Disco took place at the Braunstone Civic Centre, this was only a short distance away from the venue of our evening meal but Dave Orsler and Linda Street went to the wrong Civic Centre and arrived late, even though jonathan was not navigating.

The music for the evening was provided by the Bulge Disco.

During the evening raffle tickets were sold, and winners included Jonathan who won a bottle of Archers' and I won a Question of Sport box of chocolates.

The results of the competition were announced following the draw of the raffle and were as follows: First Wimbledon A, second "Highwell" (a joint Team of High Wycombe and Wellingborough 18 Plus members), third were Wimbledon B and fourth were Billericay

Quote of the event: "Tents are something I wear, not sleep in!", this was said during a conversation about the various 18 Plus camping holidays by a certain Northern Area 18 Plus Activities Officer who shall remain nameless!



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